Monday, June 07, 2010


ELEPHANT, n. A joker of the animal kingdom, having a flexible nose and limited warehouse accomodation for his teeth.

2010 Update: Man, were he his own creator. The elephant features great ears for slapping flies or acquiring gossip from outside his sphere of interest, the appetite of a child, a peerless snout for snorting derision, sufficient strength to drag a host of anecdotes into the distant future and the enormous capacity to carry with him his own impression of himself including that he is hummingbird.


Nessa said...

Elephant: That huge problem in the corner everyone tries to ignore.

Sauerkraut said...

The day a flying elephant visits the hummingbird feeder is the day I find something better to drink.

TLP said...

An elephant is an Ear, Nose, and throat doc's dream. Or nightmare. Wonder what a plastic surgeon would charge to give one a nose job?

Ariel the Thief said...

The elephant is the walking house of God.

the amoeba said...

Dawg? Why don't you just come on in, lie down, and relax? You'll find the couch to be very comfortable. Settled? Good. Why don't you tell us, what brought this on? Was it trolls? Was your last committee meeting that whacked out? Or did the California Legislature really do something stupid this time?

Plato. My word veri is plato. Is this dead white males week or what?

Thom said...

ELEPHANT, n - as opposed to a Jackass hmmm the choice is clear bring on the Tea Party LOL

k.a.gardner said...

Where is Jingle?

cooper said...

"and the enormous capacity to carry with him his own impression of himself including that he is hummingbird"

That is perfect, and proof that the Elephant is more like man than man.

quilly said...

Did you mean Ella Phlint? Right this minute she's out on the back deck trying to catch the Hummingbirds.

actonbell said...

I adore elephants. And they never forget, you know. And they are NOT republicians.

Now I have The Elephant Parade going through my head.

k.a.gardner said...

Yes, Q. I don't know Ella well, but she seems to have a "lazy" reputation among some of your friends.

Top o' the morning A-Bell! Saw you over at Nessa's place ~ I didn't get to read her story yet because it's seems too macabre before breakfast!

Doug said...

Nessa, who are calling an elephant?

Sauerkraut, on the contrary that's the day you found your perfect beverage.

Peanuts, TLP.

Ariel, I'd call that swaying.

Haha, Amoeba. Do I seem to have broken? I assure you I remain wholly a part.

Jim, have you and Karen signed an alliance where you curate Wikipedia and she covers the comments at Waking Ambrose? And that's just a myth about the trunk.

Thom, the new neapolitan ice cream.

Karen, who is Jingle?

Cooper, thank you but I'm pretty sure it only proves I am more elephant than an elephant.

Quilly, I wish he good stuffing.

Actonbell, that's a cheering memory. Kipling and Disney go together pretty well.

Karen, at 4am all those photos look about right.

weirsdo said...

I learned recently that elephants are one of the few species who can recognize their image in a mirror.