Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Sechsundsiebzig
To listen, what harm could there possibly be in asking the old feller at right.

Or, you can read this week's episode with Paul and Silas.

The story so far is here.


tsduff said...

Absolutely love this cliff-hanger episode - and dang, I wish you would turn the page and keep on reading! You make a fabulous gruff prisoner - and your conversation skills are in fine form.

TLP said...

I was absolutely determined, DETERMINED I say, not to nag you about posting today. *sigh*

Great episode!!!! I just love it. This is really fun. And funny.

Anonymous said...

I already can't wait for next week. I love the line "no time to abide with nun pissers. It undermines the social order" Excellent my friend. Okay I have a question now...Is that you reading this?

~Karen said...

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Thom's snark improves!


Doug said...

Thanks, Terry. It's apt to be Saturday before there's a page to turn to.

Thank you, TLP.

Yup, Thom, that's the bean. I like it better when someone else reads but for that to happen there has to be something written before Saturday AM which hasn't been the case real often lately. When someone else does the reading, I put something in the post like "Click on the nene to hear old Thom read this week's episode.

Karen, Thom's snark stays well.

actonbell said...

This is indeed a great episode. And there's nothing wrong with waiting for a pig. Jeremiah's a lucky little guy, it suddenly occurs to me, to already have two such interesting women in his life.

(Well read, Doug, though it is a tad amusing to hear you as Jeremiah)

~Karen said...

Lucky little guy? I thought there was some kind of revolution across the German countryside about a month ago. Then Jeremiah was all of a sudden fifteen years old.


cooper said...

Good stuff this week can't wait till next, I don't mind the lateness because I am pretty tied up and mostly late these days.

~Karen said...

Sir Thom --

I challenge you to a comment duel on Microfiction Monday at Stony River.

What say you ??


Doug said...

Actonbell, and don't forget about Frau Braun as a model for future romance.

Karen, he was nine or so in 1521, and it's 1527.

Cooper, your indulgence is always appreciated.

God's speed in the trial to come, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on! But I do not think Susan would like that on her blog. Best get her thoughts.

Anonymous said...

have in my past
pissed off many a nun
though those senior
once placed doves
in the good fathers desk
upon opening the doves flew out
the class fell to their knees
father its the holy ghost
they proclaimed

may the thought of peace
fill the day

Doug said...

Thom and Karen, may the best blogger win.

Amen, bear.