Monday, June 21, 2010


GAWBY, n. A Hector A Stuart.

2010 Update: A babbling idiot as identified in an obsolete vocabulary.


Nessa said...

My newest favorite word.

jenn said...

Making up words again, hm?

I like it.

Ariel the Thief said...

When you google gawby to learn what it means, Waking Ambrose comes up on the 8th place, and is as a useful help as the previous 7 ones. :-P

Jim said...

Gaw´by (gạ´bŷ)
n. 1. A baby; a dunce

I'd rather a dunce only. Wouldn't want the poor baby to grow up being confused with the dunces. When would a person stop calling his baby Gawby?

8:11 AM

actonbell said...

Ah, so that's why they named that green little guy Gumby. Very fitting.

TLP said...

It's Monday already? Nobody tells me anything.

Okay, Gawby. This is an actual word? Is it what Gomer Pyle used to say, well, Gawwwlleee?

Susan at Stony River said...

Ask my neighbors about this one; it's really a verb, overheard quite often while shopping at Walmart:

"Y'all stop messin' round, heah? --or ya gawby in a heap o' trouble."

Yes, it's good to be home again.

~Karen said...

is it possible to roll ones eyes in a sentence

was gawby supposed to be a question


the word veri is fuhgeddaboutit

Logophile said...

It's not even cool by virtue of being retro?

~Karen said...

alicia keys plays eighty ~ eight keys

the amoeba said...

Oi mates, reckon the word's part of the lingo in civilised societies. It's a right good word to use for the blokes who run BP, or the ones at the former Minerals Management Service who sold ... er, issued ... their offshore oil drilling permits.

Or maybe it should be used for those blokes who see the pics of all them oil-slicked goony birds, and then get in their land boats and drive 50 miles to the jogging track to get their exercise.

Doug said...

Nessa, I'm thinking of keeping it, too, Nessa.

Jenn, not me. I think this one has risen from the dead rather than gotten born.

Ariel, this one was useful to me.

Jim, I'd say about the time the baby started calling him Gawby, or a synonym.

Maybe, Actonbell, now that I think about it.

TLP, apparently this was an actual word, which means the OED should consider it an actual word forever.

Susan, it didn't take long for West Virginia to become home, did it? You gawby singin' Take Me Home, Country Road, 'fore long.

Karen, if you try I think you'll find it's easy to roll your eyes in a sentence. I do it probably daily.

Logo, only you tastemakers can decide that.

You don't say, Karen. (See how easy that was?)

Amoeba, it is a long list.