Friday, June 25, 2010


GRIP, n. Ex-Speaker Park's manner of fondling the property of the commonwealth.
He has so hard-and-fast a grip
That nothing from his fist can slip.
Well-buttered eels you might find o'erwhelm
In tubs of liquid slippery elm
In vain-from his detaining cinch
They could not struggle half an inch.
'Tis lucky that he so is planned
His breath he draws not with his hand,
For, if he did, so great his greed
He'd draw his last with eager speed.
Nay, that were well, you say. Not so-
He'd draw but never let it go.
2010 Update: The wag of a woman.


the amoeba said...

Bierce (happy belated birthday, wherever you are) had such a grip on this ditty that he used it again in his definition of TENACITY - presumably because he, or his editors, recognized that posterity would lose its grip on the memory of Ex-Speaker (of the California House of Representatives?) Park, and websearches on this worthy person would turn up nothing.

idest - yes it is, Latin students. Correctly parsed. Very good.

TLP said...

Grip: I'm tryin' to get one.

quilly said...

I need to get a grip on my time management. No wait, I need to wrestle free of the grip other people have on my time. (Yes, I am whining.)

Ariel the Thief said...

Wow, Doug, that is the most concentrated sexual content in only six words I've ever come across. You couldn't do better if you try!

Anonymous said...

GRIP, n. - I know plenty that need to get one. Yours truly included. Miss America pageants promote this a great deal!!! Such is life.

~Karen said...

I'm borrowing Quilly's newly acquired time management skills.

the amoeba said ...

idest - yes it is, Latin students. Correctly parsed. Very good.

p.s. Hi Doug. If I don't speak with you sooner, have a great weekend.


tsduff said...

Grip: What the operator (Gripman) of the quaint San Francisco cablecars does so professionally every day.

Doug said...

Good eye, Amoeba.

TLP, did you try playtex gloves?

Quilly, see above.

Ariel, I try not to try.

Not if you're Miss America, Thom, I don't imagine.

You have a fine weekend yourself, Karen.

And bless him for doing it, Terry.