Friday, June 04, 2010


FRAIL, adj. Infirm; liable to betrayal, as a woman who has made up her mind to sin.

2010 Update: Menacing. Caritaphagic.


TLP said...

F-rail: The Double E runs on it. I think the Night Train to Memphis does too.

the amoeba said...

No, no, TLP. The F-rail is the one they're trying to build in Honolulu - over the dead bodies of most of its citizens. Not that this is anything new in Honolulu. Which is a big reason why we're no longer there.

Caritaphagic? Dawg, Three Word Thursday was yesterday!

the amoeba said...

Besides. That so-called word is a combination of a Latin root with a Greek suffix. Barbaric. Unpeaceable. Caritavorous. Please.

Anonymous said...

FRAIL, adj. - Nancy Pelosi Have a great Friday my friend :)

Nessa said...

I knew caritaphagic was a dirty word, Amoeba.

pia said...

I googled Caritaphagic. Never having heard of it and priding myself on having some semblance of a vocabulary left. That is I recognize words--Greek roots and all
Google it!

Ariel the Thief said...

TLP, I don't understand a single word of what you're saying but night train sounds good. :)

actonbell said...

Well, I did google caritaphagic. All I found was this here blog. It's not even on sale over at Ebay.
How intimidating.

Nessa said...

Doug, did you make it up to scare us?

Jim said...

So Doug's making up words again. Google didn't even ask if I meant (whatever). Instead it had ONE RESULT for caritaphagic, Mr. Doug's Walking Ambrose.

If 'frail' is pathetic I suppose then that 'caritaphagic' might be also. I can see 'frail' coming now!

TLP said...

Ariel: Both the Double E and the Night Train to Memphis are song references. (The Double E is in a Linda Ronstadt song, Poor, Poor Pitiful Me. The Night Train to Memphis is actually the title a song.)

Cooper said...

I may be watching too many horror movies but face eating is what I make of it....

the amoeba said...

Cooper? Ubi caritas et amor, Daugus ibi est.

But don't tell anybody, or Doug could lose his curmudgeon's license.

k.a.gardner said...

Frail is the new normal?

Have a great weekend, Doug.
p.s. This post could win a Webby Award for Innovative Commentary.

Doug said...

TLP, trains on the f-rail always run late and sporadic.

Amoeba, the language needs young words and old people.

Well, heck, Amoeba. I figured since caritas was in the bible it would be Greek. What is the Greek for Caritas?

Enjoy your weekend, Thom.

Nessa, only dirty if you enjoy it.

Pia, it seems to have been coined by a blogger on June 4, 2010.

Ariel, she's talking about a song, although Night Train is also American unicum.

Actonbell, today blogger and tomorrow eBay. Selling charity-eaters has a nice irony to it, though, don't you think?

Nessa, I did make it up but not to scare you.

Jim, as you've noted before, I do that sometimes. Frailly.

Both good songs, TLP. I hope Ariel looks 'em up.

Cooper, that's pretty close, although I think that would be facetophagic. Amoeba? (Note, I do not claim and never have claimed to speak Greek or Latin. I rarely claim English.)

Ubi verum, propinquus est Amoeba. (Courtesy

Karen, you have a fine weekend.

quilly said...

My brain is getting frail. I forgot to comment yesterday!

Doug said...

Maybe it's just your priorities getting straight? Attendence is welcome but not required.