Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Independence Day 2010

As once again, July 4
Comes a-rapping at the door
The patriot's dilemma quickens
Beaks of macaws, eagles and chickens.
As we, chirpy, contemplate
Our nation's most auspicious date,
Consider flying in unity,
To form a letter besides "V."
-Winston Franklin

HONOR, n. Humility.


~Karen said...

Honor, n. Sitting in the middle seat on a flight to Indiana for 4th of July weekend. The woman with the window seat is holding an infant in her lap, whose diapers needed to be changed hours ago. The passenger on the aisle seat has been asleep since the plane was waiting for take-off and has started drooling on your shoulder

Susan at Stony River said...

That "Winston Franklin" is my kind of guy.

We just got back from library storytime, where the librarian asked the kids, "What special day is this coming Sunday?" My son jumped up and yelled "MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY!" which was entirely correct, but not what the librarian wanted to hear.

Welcome to America, kid!

Anonymous said...

HONOR, n Thy Mother and thy Father. Three cheers to Winston :)

Ariel the Thief said...

There are cultures where showing the "V" is a very rude insult, not sure you ever get up from the ground again. :-P

~Karen said...

Cue: Something is rotten in the state of ...


TLP said...

Honor. If you knew for a fact that you would never get caught, how much of it would you actually have?

Good poem Winston.

Nessa said...

Winston is a dashing poet. He should have added Bennie's most humble bird, the turkey, to his list of high fliers.

~Karen said...

Brilliant !! Nessa, you are a genius!

"Shall I bend low and in a bondman's key,
With bated breath and whisp'ring humbleness ..."

I loved your Charmed.


actonbell said...

I feel honored to have all that I have. Goodness knows it's not deserved.

actonbell said...

And I also meant to agree: smashing poem.

~Karen said...


What do you mean "I give up"? How on Earth can you have George VI for a lead character and NOT think of an interesting short story?

I mean for pity's sake, he abdicated the throne for Wallace Simpson!


cooper said...


The willingness to build a new bridge immediately after inadvertently (and with careless disregard), blowing up the old one.

great poem

~Karen said...

honor, n. Admitting a fact error.

Edward VIII abdicated England's throne for Wallis Simpson.
His brother, Albert, ascended the throne as George VI.

Coincidentally, all of this happened on the eve of the second World War.

Following the resignation of Neville Chamberlain on 10 May 1940,
Sir Winston Spencer-Churchill became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
and led Britain to victory against the Axis powers ...


Anonymous said...

honor thee word
for it is truly
the only act that
the one can control

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Doug said...

Thanks, Karen. I look forward to that tonight.

Susan, I can't figure out how auspicious it is to be born on the Fourth of July in Ireland. Let's say very.

Thom, and thy stepfather too, no?

Ariel, sometimes I think the whole point of culture is to collectively take offense at common symbols. Of course, if you mean the French, I see their point.

Karen, to be or not to be.

TLP, a little, which is more than most of us have when we might get caught.

Nessa, a turkey is just a butterfly with meat.

Karen, more courtesies in pursuit of a loan?

Actonbell, it's a little deserved. That's as much as we can hope for.

Wallis, I think, Karen.

Cooper, bridges and honor have always had a tense relationship, I imagine.

That sounds more right, Karen. Thank you curator.

Bear, I generally do, more or less, my best, at least in so far as I can distinguish best from worst and word for word, although I may fall short from time to time I think.

Rabbit rabbit, A-bell.

TLP said...

I do believe that you have honor. And lots of it.

There. I was serious. Once a year.

Anonymous said...