Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Fünfundsiebzig
To hear this week's episode, approach the palace at right.

Or, you can read this week's episode behind the black door.

The story so far is here.


Jim said...

Saturday morning sleep is good for the soul, Doug. '5:37' is not late in my book.
Sometimes you fudge on the time honesty but I know this one is fairly correct.
My answer to your question: 'NO!'

Jim said...

i.e. continue on with what you went to sleep writing late last night.

Nessa said...

I can go on happy with my day that at least you thought of us between snores.

~Karen said...

At this point I would say every blog has its harmless trolls.

Have a great weekend Doug.

TLP said...


Oh well, I'll just go back and re-read last Saturday's late post.

Andrew said...

I just read last Saturdays late post. I didn't know it was up.

Waiting with baited breath for the next installment.

Nessa said...

I lived in Frankfurt. Not in 1527 but it was a long time ago.

I am very afraid for Jeremiah. That Reverend could be a protestant inquisitor.

~Karen said...

Weekend Reflections
Looking Back

Happy Father's Day to all men who try to make a positive difference in the lives of children.


TLP said...

"the pig inched along the stone like a caterpillar, although bristlier
and without so even a temperament."
trying to picture THAT.

I'm worried about our boys. Shoulda taken Trudi along.

Good episode again.

TLP said...

Back to LISTEN since I didn't have time earlier. Well done. I always like the story better when I both read it and hear it.

actonbell said...

Oh, no, I hate seeing Jeremiah and Dietmarchen separated. How stressful!

~Karen said...

Good morning Doug,

I actually have some real-life
errands which I need to run. I might not be able to play "blog races" today.

Later dude,

Doug said...

Jim, what makes you think I started the night before. Things have gone far beyond that point.

Nessa, it only seemed fair.

Probably true, Karen.

TLP, thank you for your patience.

Thanks very much, Andrew.

Nessa, he may even be a bureaucrat, although the heart shudders.

Karen, I'm sure the blogger that comment is for is grateful.

Thanks, TLP. By force of tradition, someone will continue to read even though the episode is late.

You know, Actonbell, I could barely write it that way and I spent a good deal of time on Sunday fretting about the situation. If it's worth anything, the main reason they were separated is I couldn't imagine a pig in jail not ending up on someone's table.

Karen, we'll try to hold things together until you get back.

Dr. Minnie Strator said...

In my humble opinion, this scene cries out for an ADMINISTRATOR--the TRUE mark, indeed, the sine qua non, of princely power!