Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Vierundsiebzig
To hear this week's episode, approach the schoolmaster at right.

Or, you can read this week's episode in the brothel.

The story so far is here.


TLP said...

I don't mess with simian Oregonians, so take your time.

tsduff said...

I'm sure their stories are much more intriguing than Frau Brown this morning!

Did your crow and oriole babies in the back yard fledge yet?

Nessa said...

You definitely have much more important and fun things to do. We'll see you later.

k.a.gardner said...


Anonymous said...

its about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sleep long
sleep hard
the silence is golden

tsduff said...

Isn't it wonderful to wake up to the sun... stretch a bit, and indulge one's self in a rare moment of solitude? Nice work Doug! Things do happen (or disappear) during such times - even perhaps a boar.

word verification: babirds?

Nessa said...

I found today's story very comforting. To know that there's a wise pair traveling the world makes me feel good.

actonbell said...

I wanna know how they did that!

Great installment, Doug, and I agree with Nessa:)

k.a.gardner said...

Good morning Doug and friends,

It appears you have one very rude house guest this morning. I hope the amoeba gives her a piece of his mind over at Quilly's house.

Other than that, Teil Vierundsiebzig is delightful.

TLP said...

Good installment. But I think boy and pig could use Trudi's help.

Anonymous said...

the young lad and boar
gaining life experiences
a plus when life tosses
you the unexpected
peace today
and throughout the week

word verf-culbilin

Doug said...

TLP, as you can see, I did. But thanks. You used to be meaner.

Terry, I have no idea but there was a big crow in the Oriole tree yesterday. Do they ever fight?

And...I'm back.

Sleep well, Karen.

Anonymous,there hasn't been a lot of silence around here lately. I'm hoping for a good harvest this week.

Terry, boar's can be stealthier than you'd think. Especially fictional ones.

Nessa, I wonder if there's one around now.

Thanks, A-bell. I should try reading some magic this week.

Thanks, Karen.

I do, too, TLP. I hope she catches up.

Bear, I think Jeremiah will be ready for life as it comes to him, unless he tries to become a scholar.