Tuesday, July 13, 2010


BACHELOR, n. A man whom women are still sampling.

2010 Update: A man whose sobriquet is more flattering than his compliments.


Jim said...

Jimmy Boy (former sobriquet) has not been a bachelor for 37 years thanks to a kind, loving, and generous Mrs. Jim.

~Karen said...

Boy oh boy.

Here come old flattop
he come grooving up slowly
He got joo-joo eyeball
he one holy roller
He got hair down to his knee
Got to be a joker
he just do what he please ...

~Karen said...



Nessa said...

I think i know a few bachelors. I wonder what their nicknames are? Their compliments are usually pretty damn good.

TLP said...

Something women love, but somehow are not satisfied to leave in its natural state.

(I'm sure we did this word before, and that I wrote something about it being a man who comes to work each day from a different direction. But now I don't know who I was quoting.)

TLP said...

Google search shows that I was using a Sholom Aleichem quote.

But it also shows that I like Phyllis Diller's "A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once." much better.

Ariel the Thief said...

Karen, some people think that song is about Yoko Ono. Does make sense in an odd way, don't you think?

Bachelor, an artist of scaring women off. (Which is not as easy as it sounds!)

~Karen said...

The lyrics of "Come Together" were originally written as a campaign song for Timothy Leary.

This American politician was running against Reagan for the job of governor of California ...


Anonymous said...

state of mind!!!!!
as quoted a few blocks up
,i think i know a few,
either they are
or they are not!
same would be said of
some prefer to have the
decide their status
then there
can be little
to no
personal responsibility
if one so chooses


Thom said...

BACHELOR, n Aw the joys of not being tied down to a ball and chain

actonbell said...

I suspect that I met a future long-term bachelor at work the other day; he keeps frozen mice in his freezer for his pet Burmese python.

Ariel, you are right, but this guy might have nailed it!

~Karen said...

Hello Cooper.


cooper said...

So I can't call you my pretty pup any more?

cooper said...

Karen I'm a little unclear? Were you waiting for me, summoning me or what?

~Karen said...

Inwards have their own life, and when they go crazy, you'd better find another body to jump in, or a train to jump under. :)

"American Psycho" -- The film focuses on Wall Street yuppie Patrick Bateman (Bale), whose mental instability and blood lust leads him to **serial killing**.

emonwt - demon within

~Karen said...


No comment on Miami Heat ??

Ariel the Thief said...

Actonbell, I googled Burmese python, are you sure those are not frozen puppies? :-P

~Karen said...

"Karen, some people think that song is about Yoko Ono. Does make sense in an odd way, don't you think?"

-- No, it makes no sense whatsoever.

Doug said...

Jim, sometimes the dark lord himself must smile.

Karen, sometimes even a radar can only see so far.

Nessa, you can't be slippery unless you're also smooth.

TLP, we're a little like fresh snow. And speaking of unmarked, I thought I must have done this word before but couldn't find any sign.

Ariel, it certainly makes sense in a John Lennon sort of way. And you're right about the other thing. I've known women who could be frightened by plastic toys but not scared away by the hosts of hell.

Karen, he was only a politician for that minute, I imagine.

Bear, marriage seems just like government in that regard.

Thom, we bring our own shackles. (I realized just in time not to end that sentence with "balls and chains.")

Actonbell, it's easy to be a bachelor when you have a python.

Cooper, we all call your name but most do it in respectful silence. Call me what you like. If I don't respond, try a stick.

Karen, you have noticed, I imagine, that you're talking to people who aren't here. As for the Heat, I'm giving up the last of my lingering LeBron love.

Ariel, that's going too far!

Double negative, Karen.

~Karen said...

"The song's [Come Together] history began when Lennon was inspired by the Timothy Leary's failed gubernatorial campaign for governor of California titled "Come together, join the party" against Ronald Reagan, which promptly ended when Leary was sent to prison for possession of marijuana."

So sayeth The Great Wikipedia.


NicoleB said...

Do they still exist?
My Best friend bets they are extinct.
Maybe that counts only for Germany :)

Doug said...

Thanks, Karen.

Nicole, there's still Thom and I, although that's not a breeding pair, so they may be extinct soon.

NicoleB, Kuwait said...

Maybe you guys should meet her ,.... :P