Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Temptation, and its causes

Temptation holds a pride of place
In man and his endeavors
Gold and flesh e'er turn our knobs
And pull on all our levers.

In youth the shining, soft or certain
Drives the young to draw the curtain
And conspire against the very things
To which our hearts appert'in.

And then as we grow sad and wiser
Eternity inspires the miser
To prepare a lasting legacy
As life churns him to fertilizer.

But with my youth by now gone by
Through older eyes I see,
A sinful motor may turn my eye
But the devil driving is irony.
-Cyrus Moody

TEMPTATION, n. The nearest thing out of reach.


~Karen said...

Remind the devil that an oil-change every 3,000 miles extends the life of the engine and improves gas mileage.

tsduff said...

Life is quite capable of churning one into fertilizer - and some mornings before coffee I feel just like that. Well said.

Temptation: The power that lures me to pull the covers back over my head instead of getting up to face the day.

TLP said...

Very good, and interesting, poem.

It's ironic that the devil is often more fun than any angel.

ghostseeker said...

"Temp-taaation, it's making me wait, it's keeping me way-ay-aiting."
That song will forever be associated with ketchup in my mind. And so often, the object of temptation is of no more substance than ketchup.

Anonymous said...

so temptation is slow
to comment today...
will give it a go
but could meander
to and fro...
as temptation on the grounds
sure does abound
around me... wc
sfo oak kef ams mco koa hln jfk
lax sjn bos mls sea mrt arc eka
one of those words that only bring
(ie. assumption,
(as)second party interpretation.)
assumed temptation,now there is
real trouble...
so Doug you see now,i am sure
what a slippery slope this
simple word Could create...

L let
O other
V visions
E exist

Anonymous said...

current temptation;
do i sample dinner
assembly & bake
or wait for
Loved One

guess i could revert to ms. manners,
the bear feet are loosing their tight
grip,to sample or wait...


who can resist an ear
of corn with a

word verf...plessesi
many blessing of
the gods

Anonymous: // said...

::secretcodealert ~~

Anonymous~Manana~Manana ~//~ sfo oak kef ams mco koa hln jfk lax [whitezone] sjn bos mls sea mrt eka ::.

quilly said...

Sun, sand, & see. That's why I'm not doing much blogging!

Doug said...

Excellent advice, Karen.

Terry, it's a very powerful force with many allies among its victims.

TLP, you don't know the angels I've known.

Ghostseeker, me too. For our generation, that's the Heinz song. For younger generations, I'm not sure it exists.

Anonymous, corn with the crow sounds just grand. Did you make it?

More than fair, Quilly.

NicoleB, Kuwait said...

The temptation of the grass that always seems greener on the other side,...

~Karen said...

Dear George & Terry,

I apologize. I left the goof-ball comment at 3:10 a.m. At the time I thought it was funny. Today it just looks like spam.

Hope all's well.


Doug said...

Karen, that was a nice gesture. Thank you. Did you solve the Da Oso code?

~Karen said...

Doug, a *real* secret agent would say, "If I tell you, I'll have to kill you."