Friday, July 16, 2010


BLOODTHIRSTY, adj. Addicted to the wanton wasting of blood- which is probably very good to drink.

2010 Update: Sanguine, as a stranger. Unfamiliar.
A hangman told me, over beer,
"My job I can do free from fear."
I asked him, then, to tell me good,
Why cloak the sinner in a hood?
He answered, "Well, before I frees 'em,
I dress 'em as the jury sees them."
-Dresden Snappletort, Esq.


NicoleB said...

Me on the war path against stupidity ;-)
Or on Sunday when they give me trouble with the dogs!

Jim said...

Those bloodthirsty devils!

Mom had a recipe for Snapple tortes. Trouble is we can't get the Snapple in Houston. I might try here in London.
Dad was from Germany but we don't want to go there right now.

~Karen said...

Doug, I'm sure most of us in the U.S. are descended from people who, far from being lauded in the halls of power were nearly dangled for the scaffold.

Better to lie about our current affairs than tout our ancestors'.

BLOODTHIRSTY, n. An illustrated topknot by which American freemen may lay claim to European authority.

p.s. My Scotish ancestors were bannished to the Isle of Man.

Thom said...

BLOODTHIRSTY, adj. Politics. Have a great Friday :)

~Karen said...

Doug, I believe Thom is still waiting for you to translate yesterday's "coo".


TLP said...

Bloodthirsty: Ovviously a vampire. As in, the Twilight movie series sucks.

verifier--honisth: I tells it like I sees it.

TLP said...

Obviously I mistyped ovviously. Or is it that I ovvioulsy mistyped obviously?


tilden talks... said...

i never get these...
i must be dumb or somethin...

quilly said...


'nuf said

Ariel the Thief said...

TLP, I think, most vampire movies and series suck. Making this vampire thing romantic is silly. Vampires are to be avoided or killed.

Doug said...

Nicole, I'm glad they were wiser than to give you trouble with the dogs.

Next boat, maybe, Jim?

Karen, what did your ancestors do to annoy the Manx?

TLP, ask Ariel for a better description of vampires.

Nah, Tilden. None of us get them. We just pretend.

Quilly, that would be an example.

Ariel, I was pretty sure you'd have more to say about it.