Thursday, July 15, 2010


BILLINGSGATE, n. The invective of an opponent.

2010 Update: The cooing of a dove, translated into English or German.


Jim said...

Billingsgate may run the opposite of 'love your enemy.'
Now for the dove, I'd need a machine to translate for me.

TLP said...

What kinda $*#%^@! word is this? Jeez! People in a fish market talk better than that.

Anonymous said...

the exit line
at hospital
or toll road,,,
the change my ticket line
at airport

hey google seems to agree with me,as the words spoken are not always our best,,,(navy tongue)

well spoken words,
so the receiver enjoys the
journey to hell
(damn i was good at that at dss)

am content to believe doves
always are wishing others

word verf...resseto
fancy word for
learning a language

tsduff said...

Sounds like a lovely foreign destination - certainly not anywhere around here.

Thom said...

BILLINGSGATE, n - Is this some French Connection? LOL Care to translate that coo for me?

BILLINGSGATE, n - The capping of the oil spill in the Gulf today to please us ALL!!!!

~Karen said...

BILLINGS, Montana is the GATEway to Yellowstone National Park; its motto is The Star of Big Sky Country; and one of its sister cities is Billings, Germany ??


actonbell said...

'Geez, you kiss your mom with that mouth?'

Funny word, that.

~Karen said...

Is Actonbell referring to her Mom's comment? Then Billingsgate is either a fish market or a London wharf near Lower Thames Street.

BILLINGSGATE, n. A daft Brit on a Wilful Walk

(No, I have no idea what I am saying simply using a lot of Patrick O’Brian stuff!)


Ariel the Thief said...

Actonbell reminded me of this converstaion from Analyze This. Just too funny!

Psychiater: No, I'm not, I'm just trying to understand, why do you have a girlfriend?
Vitti: I do things with her I can't do with my wife.
Psychiater: Why can't you do them with your wife?
Vitti: Hey, that's the mouth she kisses my kids goodnight with! What are you, crazy?

~Karen said...

The Psychiater's last name is Sobel.