Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Sieben-und-siebzieg
To listen, come to the edge of the castle wall.

Or, you can read all about it in the weapons raised against Dietmärchen.

The story so far is here.
Happy Independence Day (Gringos.)


tsduff said...

Finally - a glimmer of hope for the pig and his boy....waiting with baited breath... and btw, have you had your hot dog today?

Anonymous said...

do not want to influence story
dead smoked Virginia pig on menu for the fourth...
of coarse in honor of the eight USA presidents from there,
an original Brit colony
(folks had been hanging out for thousands of years,before european discovery),
true they lost their way in 1860*s,
yet this is America and we are a forgiving nation.
let us not forget Pocachontas.
some say it is the state for lovers,
yet its root name is from virgin
so in closing
have a
safe sane 4th

enjoy doug

word verf...
...a place unknown to me

Doug said...

Nope, Terry, but I had some potatoes under gravy and cheese and chives at the Bloomington Independence Day parade. That was some comfort.

Bear, I'll have a safe and sane fourth if you will.

Anonymous said...

change of plans
beef hot dogs it is

word verf...
as in change of plans

TLP said...

This is so good you could sell it to Disney! I'm lovin' it.

A true cliff-hanger, but I'm not worried.

Anonymous said...

Another great installment. I'm loving the pig myself. There is hope with this cliff hanger. Having burgers today. WOOT. Happy 4th of July my friend to you and your family :)

Quack Birder said...

Good stuff, Doug! And I love piggies.

Doug said...

All ribs mid-country, Bear.

Thanks, TLP. Disney probably would want to know what happens next and I haven't any idear.

Funnily enough, Thom, we had pork ribs. Sorry, D.

Thanks, QB3. I like them differently.

actonbell said...

God of Boars- who knew? Great installment! D is definitely becoming the hero:)

cooper said...

ha ha TLP I already sold it..don't tell anyone.

~Karen said...

Would that be D as in "Death takes a Holiday"?

Doug said...

Actonbell, I hope justice will done by him.

Cooper, you must be a brilliant salesperson. Help yourself around the club.