Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ruba'i for FIFA

Soccer joins our separate shores
And brings our world together.
A sport that cleaves us, man from man,
Is one that I'd like better.
UNITY, n. Distance.


TLP said...

Here I am first, with absolutely nothing to say. I find soccer boring. I guess that distances me from most of you.

My word verifier is mismate. So, I'll use that as my definition:
Unity: mismate

Anonymous said...

UNITY, n. As do the Olympics. Bravo to the World Cup. Forget your troubles and play ball. No politics, just good old fashion sport.

~Karen said...

UNITY, n. Distance

1. Phil Mickelson won the Masters 2010 and THE Green Jacket with 16 under par in Augusta, Georgia this past April.

or ...

2. A JetBlue non-stop flight to JFK?


~Karen said...

1a. David Duval did NOT win the Green Jacket with 15 under par.


~Karen said...

Ruba'i, n.

1. Arabic for "quatrain", and is used to describe a Persian quatrain, or its derivative form in English and other languages.

2. In the Islamic world the "ruba'i" designated a quarter-dinar, weighing 1.05 grams of gold.[4] The ruba'i had been minted by the Muslims in Sicily, unlike the Muslim rulers of North Africa, who preferred the larger dinar.[5]


actonbell said...

I need to get into soccer. It's what's missing in my life.

And I agree, it's absolutely necessary to have some distance to stay together.

cooper said...

United: The harder to destroy you my dear...

What has always impressed me about soccer, besides the fact that I played it, though badly, in high school, is the bodies of the players...;)

Anonymous said...

soccer did bring South Africa together,so i am told

distance is now measured in hours
not miles....
as for unity
humanity has yet to give final arguments to the jury


quilly said...

UN-, prefix meaning "not"

-ITY, suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state or condition

UNITY, n. the state or condition of being "not"

tsduff said...

I've never been a soccer head.

Doug said...

Not me, TLP. I don't watch much.

Thom, it's nice to see the whole world complaining about the refs with one voice, isn't it?

Karen, golf's another sport I don't follow. 15, huh?

Actonbell, for introverts like us, absolutely.

Cooper. I don't watch soccer, but I can almost tell when a woman has played it.

Bear, the jury's busy texting anyhow.

Quilly, that was very Hindu.

Me either, Terry.

Anonymous said...

Indeed my friend :)