Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There are prices that never get bought
And wishes that never get caught
But old gamblers bet
That all their regret
Turns to chips in the next table's pot.

RETURN, n. The profit accumulated when a staggering fool meets a regimentary public.


Jim said...

Many happy returns, Doug. :)
Whatever that means?
I've heard it said.
BTW my pics were from Copenhagen and Paris. I added a note saying that. Thanks,

TLP said...

Returns: On tv it's reruns. In toys it's boomerangs. With food it's a belch. With actions it's karma. Hey, where is that Karma anyway?

~Karen said...

Which is to say, what goes around comes around.

lerrhywa: lecher on Route 66

quilly said...

RETURN, n. a reoccurring occurrence -- like birthdays, as in:
Happy Birthday Thom.

(Since Thom didn't want anybody to know I am doing my best to be discreet. I have only posted it on my blog, in your comments, on Facebook and on Twitter.)

actonbell said...

Wednesday already? Where have I been?

Good update Doug! We all keep returning for more:)

The Old Mule said...

Return: Librarian's curse, Blockbuster's cow.

coper said...

returns: repeat offenders

cooper said...

cooper too, I don't want to confuse Karen.

NicoleB said...

return: feeling like a Bumerang

Doug said...

Jim, thanks for the explanation. Many happy returns to you, too.

TLP, she was here on "Love" day.

It is to say that, Karen, yes.

Quilly, I hope Thom appreciates it more than I would.

Actonbell, that wasn't an update. Brand new material, ironically.

Excellent, Mule.

Right, Cooper. Repeat offenders.

Nicole, I can sure see how that might have come to your mind.

actonbell said...

(silly me!)

quilly said...

Doug -- happily, he didn't. Otherwise what would have been the point? ;)

NicoleB said...

Yupp, especially today.
I did NOT miss the Friday prayer sermon (hence: Hate speech)
And when you think he's finished, he starts all over *deep breath*