Friday, July 09, 2010


IN'ARDS, n. The stomach, heart, soul and other bowels. Many eminent investigators do not class the soul as an in'ard, but that acute observer and renowned authority, Dr. Gunsaulus, is persuaded that the mysterious organ known as the spleen is nothing less than our important part. To the contrary, Professor Garrett P. Servis holds that man's soul is that prolongation of his spinal marrow which forms the pith of his no tail; and for demonstration of his faith points confidently to the fact that no tailed animals have no souls. Concerning these two theories, it is best to suspend judgment by believing both.

2010 Update: The seat and source of choler, melancholy, biliousness and revulsion. The diet of the unprosperous cannibal.


TLP said...

In'ards: information.

Doug knows the in'ards and out'ards of the Devil's Dictionary.

Ariel the Thief said...

Inwards have their own life, and when they go crazy, you'd better find another body to jump in, or a train to jump under. :)

emonwt - demon within

~Karen said...

"The diet of an unprosperous cannibal".

The word 'cannibal' has several metaphorical connotations. Those most associated with prosperity would either be in the Marketing or Publishing fields.

Although in Manufacturing, it can refer to the reuse of salvageable parts.

Anonymous said...

the soul,differs from the
in'ards(ie,the heart)
as it is faith based
with hopes,dreams,
and a belief in the
goodness of all humanity
as its in'ards...
a common thread
between all critters
giant or small...
some say the ,big bang,
was simply God's soul exploding
giving each critter a piece of
love to share...
how is that for an impromptu reply

may your day be filled with

Anonymous said...

IN'ARDS, n. - Pardon I have to run and puke now LOL Ooops maybe I should have said throw up. Paging Dr. Kildare

~Karen said...

1) Or a train to *jump under*

2) Should have said *throw up*

Concerning these two theories, is best to suspend judgment by believing both.

"I think I can," puffed the little locomotive.

(Paging Dr. Kildare)

quilly said...

In'ards are better than out'ards? Well, more comfortable anyway.

cooper said...

Ah reminds me that I'm missing "Dexter", and haven't seen American Psycho in a long time.

~Karen said...

Aha! Dr. Kildare is secret code for **Kill-Dare** which proves the little loco-motive will find another body to jump into:

1) "Dexter" -- Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a **serial killer** with standards who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood-spatter analyst.

2) "American Psycho" -- The film focuses on Wall Street yuppie Patrick Bateman (Bale), whose mental instability and blood lust leads him to **serial killing**. It debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on April 14, 2000.


tsduff said...

In'ards: That roilly stuff the cat leaves on the mat at the end of his repast - see also "gopher guts"

quilly said...

Still waiting. What?! Are you taking a page out of my book? You go on comment vacation?

Doug said...

TLP, it comes from wearing them for five years.

Excellent advice, Ariel.

Karen, in this case it refers to a person who eats other folks.

Bless bless, Bear.

Sorry, Thom.

Quilly, easier to find, anyhow.

Cooper, is Dexter coming back?

Karen, as ever, the context might be helpful.

Pretty, Terry.

Thanks, Quilly. I forgetted.