Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Neunundsiebzieg
To listen, wait for the interrogator to open his mouth.

Or, you can read alongside Gretchen, Vater Karl and the baby.

The story so far is here.


tsduff said...

As it should be. Great stories take time to weave.

~Karen said...

Can you at least try to have today's post up by lunchtime tomorrow?

Doug said...

Right, Terry. And I've been weaving a lot of threads rather than writing the story, I'm afraid.

Karen, done.

tsduff said...

I always do enjoy having the story read to me - especially when some of the characters magically change from one to another (Jeremiah to Gretchen)... Tell me how you manage to stop the story at just the best part? And how creative of Gretchen to purchase cheesecloth for diapers. Better than using cattails like the Indians did.

TLP said...

Jeremiah is in the perfect place for his favorite food!

A lot of good lines in this one. Fine episode.

~Karen said...

I don't mean to be disagreeable Terry, but Gretchen purchased extra cheesecloth for diapers at the priest's suggestion.

Doug said...

Terry, when I was editing the recording I caught that I said "Gretchen" instead of Jeremiah. But it was all too late already. Good listening.

Thanks, TLP.

Karen, you be disagreeable?

~Karen said...

Contradictory is the better word choice. Apologies all around.