Thursday, July 08, 2010


IMPROMPTU, adv. Off-hand- said of verses that are written without confusing the legs and protruding the tongue. F'rexample.
Bulbous bangs enormous roared
And swamping pickled he,
Through beetling barbarous restored
Fuliginous and free;
For bellicose arbitrament
He on his nether ear had went!
2010 Update: Casual and unplanned, as a conspiracy just revealed or an old joke.


TLP said...

Lacking cue cards.

Quack Birder said...

Sans teleprompter.

Thom said...

IMPROMPTU, adv Someone needing a telepromter

tsduff said...


Susan at Stony River said...

Can we get a picture of that 'nether ear'?

Anonymous said...

best travel scenario


quilly said...

IM-,prefix usually signififying "opposite" as in "in-" or "un-"; not

PROMPT, n. on time, in a timely manner

TU, abbrev Toxic Unit

IMPROMPTU, adv. untimely actions that are often toxic in nature

g said...

Like a drop-in from an old friend (literally as today's my b-day)...

Hope life is treating you well - I just dusted off my blog for the first time in ages and clicked on your link. Maybe I can read you on my new Nook.

Go Holland! Mostly because I love their furniture design.

cooper said...


Definitely not the comments on this blog.

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Sums up my Life in one word ;)

~Karen said...

I understand NicoleB is relocating to a place even warmer than where she lives today with no booze. Also, Ramadan is strictly observed.

Greetings from the Empire State.

Doug said...

Right, TLP, or a reference text.

Right, QB3, or a reference text.

But, Thom, you had one.


Susan, you sure you want one?

Amen, brother Bear. Amen. Come on home, though.

Quilly, that sounds rare. Timely actions are most often the toxic ones.

Happy birthday, g. Good to hear from you.

You're right about that, Cooper. This was like synchronized swimming in alphabet soup.

Nicole, that's the sense I'm getting.

Karen, if there were a strict ban on graven images, I think that would be harder.