Monday, July 05, 2010


INVENTOR, n. A person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs, and believes it civilization.

2010 Update: A creative sort, plagiarizing ideas rather than thought. A patent lawyer's client.


Quack Birder said...

FIRST! I invented boasting about being first!

TLP said...

Ha! Again I say Ha! QB! I invented bragging about being first. Did you patent it? No? Then I claim it.

I'm in love with whomever invented air conditioning.

Anonymous said...

fox network invents
"news" on a daily
though only opinion,
8 out of ten times!
seems 45 to 55%
belief it is,news!
with the 4 of July
so does
independent thinking


Susan at Stony River said...

I think you've got a 'novel' idea in that Update - I can see it getting big.

~Karen said...

I'd like to know who invented Microfiction Monday.


Anonymous said...

INVENTOR, n. Susan - Microfiction Monday :) WOOT!! A patent "shyster" lawyer's client. LOL

~Karen said...

INVENTOR, n. Thom - just stole my idea about Microfiction Monday.

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2010 Update: A robotic gossip

"I don’t know where you and I got off to such a crappy start, but it was a comment on my blog a long time ago. I didn’t know you from Adam and you just went off and I responded in kind."


quilly said...

Inventor, n. usually the victim or his own creation

see also: Guillotine.

actonbell said...

Heh, Quilly. That's good.

Al Gore will never live down his claim, esp. because it's all over the um, internet:)

~Karen said...

... and the Pez Family tangent jumps back on the bandwagon.


~Karen said...

Hey!! Blogger ate my comment! Let me try this one:

Air conditioning, n. "Thom, it's pretty hard for me to see how you could have offended anyone here.

Be well and enjoy the steady breeze blowing harmlessly across Hawai'i.

The only rules for language usage on this blog are: avoid explicit descriptions and no profanity cruder than 'son of a bitch.' You're good."

Doug said...

QB, I owe you an apology. I thought that was Minka.

Ding Huan, TLP, according to Wikipedia. although it seems Michael Faraday invented chemical A/C. Some Frenchman inented the compressor. You're welcome.

GB, if you don't believe the news, how do you know July fourth is over?

Susan, you'll have to make it big. I need years to finish a paragraph.

Karen, aren't you supposed to be some kind of investigative journalist?

Thanks, Thom. You're interviewee of the year.

More from the archives, Karen?

Quilly, should I check the basket?

Nope, Actonbell. Gore should have thought twice both times.