Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Special Guest Wednesday

This week it's my pleasure to introduce Jodes who I asked to define Domestic.

DOMESTIC, n. A person that works at home as a Mother or wife, cooks cleans, takes care of the family.
My version for me does all those things too, but not in your typical manner, I guess I am the lazy domestic.........I cook and clean, but only when the mood strikes me. I would rather, play outside or watch movies.

Domestic...............Well I use to think that I was domestic. I wanted to be the stay at home Mom and bake cookies and drive to ball practice and watch Oprah and have dinner ready every night at the same time. However when I really was staying at home and taking care of the kiddo's this never happened. I hated sitting around all day, I was always doing something or going somewhere. I was busier staying at home than I was working.

I work now and dinner consists of Hot dogs or grilled cheese a lot. The hubby works late, so why should I bust my @$$ and cook all that food for a 9 year old that will probably complain and a 2 year old that will either eat anything or jump up from the table and make you chase him with a freaking spoonful of food.

I am so not your "typical" domestic woman unless you consider eating in the living room and watching TV every night from 7 to 10 and sleeping in till 6:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Yeah I know that is not really sleeping in, but it is to me, I get up at 4:45 to go to work. I love taking care of my boys and the hubby, but I am so not gonna be that 1950's Mom!!! I have a job I love and I am on a mission to get out the word about Breast Cancer and am currently training for the 3 day walk.
About Jodes: In a house by the beach, with Hotel California playing in the background, dolphins swimming nearby looking for their chance to help and be petted and I just betcha crab dip in a bowl on the counter, there lives a family of four contented and cheerful souls. Two boys, their mom and dad drift through the good life but this family had a secret. Not so much anymore. Momma Jodes blogs.

Jodie writes with the excitement of someone who remembers every day at posting time things she's grateful for. Features on her site include book reviews of detective fiction and thrillers, and she is a member of the pernicious Half-Naked Thursday (HNT) crowd. In her August archive you can join Jodes in the joys of moving, and also explore the blogosphere when it was new. And in September, you can get to know Jodes better in her 101 things post. Thanks to Jodes for letting us into the house by the ocean.

How to be a Wednesday Guest: OK, l've been taking pledges for KPCC, the Pasadena NPR station, so instead of another threat, I'm whining.

You come to this site daily, even on Wednesdays and Saturdays when the posts are long. What gives you value here? What brings you here everyday? You do, the Waking Ambrose audience. Without you, this site is just a bunch of electrons with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Ask Jodes from Southern California. She gets it. She realized that without her input, people would come here to find a witless, useless thing. We take all clean contributions. Maybe you have the vocabulary of a five-year-old. Maybe you have a PhD in Medievel Semiotics. The point is you make this site work and we take contributions in any denomination. Think you're too REFINED? Too Patriotic? Too Halal? Too poetic to appear on this site? That's ok. The point is, we need you, the reader, and we'll settle for whatever you got. Email me at dpascover at mac dot com and if you email right now one of our generous members will match your pledge with four satirical definitions. It's all up to you. Thank you for being a reader and for your generous contribution.


dddragon said...

Domestic: what I married Nod for. The vacuum has been sitting behind me since Sunday ... it's a hint that I'm still tripping over.

Ariel the Thief said...

Hi, Jodes!

domestic, sorry, not familiar with the word.

so no more "no profanity, no novel" threat? lol! maybe you could write people to invite them as a guest. there are many people that'd happily do something, yet they need a little encouragement. you worked with horses a lot. sometimes all you have to do is to make them realize that they can do it. :-P

Ariel the Thief said...

and never worry about your webcam, Jodes, it does show your new hairstyle is great and suits your face perfectly. (oh it's nothing like a brand a new hair, and under it a brand new woman. world, watch out!)

CozyMama said...

Hi!! Thank you Doug, that was perfect, I love it!!!! You really did your homework. Very cool!!! How did you know I like the Eagles? LOL. Thanks Ariel!!

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Dddragon. Maybe if you trip on something else and land on the vacuum that will help.

Ariel, I'm taking that as a hint. This may be amusing: When I started the Wednesday guest slot I decided it would be unkind to pressure anybody, so I would never write or call anyone to ask them to be Wednesday guests. I still don't write or call, but now I tweak people publicly. The evolution of personal morality is a stranger process than the origin of species. Oh, and thanks.

Jodes, I hid in your tree for a week with a parabolic microphone, of course. It's in your profile. Come back later. I bet there will be more love here for you throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodes. I agree that conventional domesticity is way overrated.

Actually it's in modern drama, Doug, and I'm gonna hold out for a coffee mug before my next contribution.

Anonymous said...!?

What is this strange, foreign word?

It's not computing. At all.

Oh wait! Isn't that an in-country flight? Oooh are you sending me on a flight, Doug? Just nowhere cold. Victoria is pretty this time of year. Cool.

Sar said...

Nice to meet you, Jodes! I can relate with being your formerly being a SAHM blogger. While I'm often home running around mindlessly in a warm-up suit and sneakers, I can let my mind and inner woman out to parade around in stilettos here in blogsphere. It's so liberating!

Anonymous said...

domestic humm

let me get back to you on that.

Nice to meet you Jodes.

CozyMama said...

It is in my profile, DUH!!!! Thanks for the love all!!!

Doug The Una said...

T-shirt, Weirsdo? I would hang myself before playing Trivial Pursuit with your family.

Haha, Jenna and Alice. And I hear you. This is the first time I gave a guest a word because I actually wanted to know what it meant. Jenna, the tickets didn't arrive yet?

Sar, that was a nice comment. You and Jodes can have a virtual ladies night.

Sonya said...

Found you through Jodes. She is a truelly amazing person. She does alot for breast cancer awareness too. She is remarkable!

CozyMama said...

Sonya you are too kind!!! Sar, a ladies night sounds great!!! Good idea Doug. I will need to borrow some stillettos.

Anonymous said...

Tickets? Plural? Oooh...who's coming with me?

Lila said...

Hi, Jodes! Yes, very nice to meet you.

I consider myself domestic. Well, I mean, I'm in my house a lot.

Doug The Una said...

Welcome Sonya! Yeah, I'm liking Jodes.

The UPS guy, Jenna. No need to thank me. I take care of my friends.

See cowgirl, that's why we get along. You'd rather clean the barn and I'd rather live in it.

Aral, you mean when you aren't cross-checking of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodes, nice to see you over here!
I am semi-domesticated, in that I rarely scratch the hand that is currently stroking and feeding me. House broken? That is a whole other issue!
I want you to know I read your pledge break with the same sense of self satisfaction I feel when NPR does it and I have already given. (Kicking back and putting my feet up) I did MY part, now the rest of you hold outs do your yours, dang it!!

CozyMama said...

My walk is in November you can click the link on my site or you can click here:
It has already been an amazing experience meeting the girls that are doing the walk and we created a team and seeing peoples reaction when you tell them you are doing the walk. I get a total high from this!!!!

Kyahgirl said...

Nice to meet you Jodes! Doug always has such interesting guests here.

Domesticated? Me? Not so much. I do insist on a really clean bathroom but that's about it. I'm with Cowgirl on the barn thing.

Doug-I had no idea you really wanted your regular everyday visitors to be guests. I like Ariel's suggestion.

I love your site. I think I may have mentioned that before (4 cazillion times)

Doug The Una said...

Logo, are you speaking as Ariella or should I talk to the AM? Yes, have a piece of candy on me.

The clients are always the tricky part, Cowgirl. Doesn't matter what you do.

Thanks, Jodes. San Diego is nice place to walk for a cause in June or November.

Thanks, Kyah. I try to have a light touch on this until I hit the end of the list. Then I get nettlesome. I was going to add "Too Canadian" but couldn't choose between you and Jenna.

The Village Idiot said...

Domestique -- A lackey on a bike forced to do all the work for the head honcho on the team.

Hi Jodes, Domestic or Domestique..I think you defined the french and american versions just perfectly

The Village Idiot said...

KPPC...way cool I am a reformed rocket scientist from JPL...Fuller? And I don't mean the brush man

Kyahgirl said...

oooh, nettlesome little dawgy!! :-) Any time you're desperate for Canadian content you can hit me up. I don't want to see you getting stressed out like this. Its not good for your health!

tlm said...

I have a buddy whose domestic partner is one of the sloppiest people I've ever met. I once told him that he should be stripped of that title.

Is it too much to ask to do some basic dusting every once in awhile?! Sheesh...

tlm said...

cowgirl- I just did our Relay for Life this past weekend. My feet are so sore, I couldn't even begin to tell ya.

Jamie Dawn said...

Love your plea, Doug. Groveling suits you.

Hello, Jodes!
I actually love the 1950's domestic mom and wouldn't mind being that, but my kids and hubby are just too OUT THERE for that nonsense.
When I bake, they accuse me of trying to make them fat, while they gobble up every morsel, of course. They do eat the meals I cook. Obsessively cleaning our house would be an effort of futility, so I just keep it in "acceptable" condition.
Nice write up and definition. Good to meet you!

Domestic: Caged human who blogs in order to see the world.

Jamie Dawn said...

HNT: I think it is Half-Naked THURSDAYS, not Tuesdays.

Although, people are allowed to be half-naked on Tuesdays too.

Doug The Una said...

Man, it's a rough day when the village idiot goes way over your head but you did it today, Village Idiot. By Fuller, you mean the seminary? What about it?

Kyahgirl, done.

TLM, what is this dusting of which you speak? Was it ever in I Dream of Genie? Good for you for the run.

Jamie Dawn, great definition! If you bake that well I'd hit 350 just walking past your house.

The Village Idiot said...

Logo --- My domestique talents come at a high price, can you afford me?

The Village Idiot said...

I have several friends and neighbors that attended Fuller. I lived in the Pasadena area for oh..20 yrs or so. I saw that you contributed to KPCC and thougth you lived down there...until I actually read the profile and saw that you are a little north of the Pasadena area.

Logo -- Im still not sure you can afford my domestique talents but yes, I appreciate your talents as a domestique because without you pulling me along..i would not have found these most excellent blogs

Anonymous said...

Oooh, an Albertan definition. Sweet!

Yeah! Go Alberta! Unless you're from Edmonton then we got a problem...nah. I'll still root for your definition. Just...quieter.

The secretary absconded (Look at that! I used a big word. My. My, my, my.) with the UPS guy AND my tickets. Harrumph. I don't know which one angers me more...those little brown shorts y'know.

The Village Idiot said...

Opps you said KPCC not is still became KROQ

Sar said...

Doug, that's an excellent suggestion. Jodes, stop by my place tomorrow for some virtual fun & you can raid my stiletto collection too!

Idiot - Hang on there...let me...just...there you go. Now your dunce cap is firmly affixed. ;)

Doug The Una said...

Funny, logophile

Fuller's one of the best seminaries of it's ilk, V.I., your friends must have been smart folks to go there and hang out with rocket scientists. I think I didn't know KPPC.

Jenna, bad luck. If it makes you feel any better, the ticket was to Yellow Knife.

Minka said...

Hi Jodes! Well done with the guest appearance. I always go through doug´s commenters and try to figure out who is left that he can blackmail into doing this. I am always wrong!

Domestic? Them animals! Soemtimes I am so happy we have evolved!!!

Doug The Una said...

Oh, Sar, we must have been on at the same time. Take pictures or get a police sketch or something.

Speak for yourself, Minka.

tlm said...

jd, so which half gets naked on these Thursdays? (Or does it depend largely upon the person's body type?)

Anonymous said...

You sent me to Yellowknife?!? Why? Why would you do that? Did I not leave a grilled cheese in the closet? Yellowknife!! Oh. Oh Doug. I am heartbroken. You were sending me to...Oh. Oh Doug.

CozyMama said...

ya'll are great!!!! Thanks for all the love, when I have a chance I will visit all of you from home in the next couple days!!!! training tonight for the walk with my girls......

minka - I remember you....thanks

The Village Idiot said...

Doug -- Could you just staple the hat in place please? I just get so frustrated when it gets mis-aligned

Doug The Una said...

Well, howdy, lobster! Excellent question.

Jenna, Jenna, I was trying to make you feel better about the secretary taking the ticket. Now I have to tell you, she's in Mazatlan with the UPS guy.

Jodes, nice that you've met Monika.

V.I., all I have is this here nail gun. But sure.

Anonymous said...

Half-nekkid Thursday is, depending on who answers this question is:
A.) A fabulous form of pictoral self-expression involving as much or as little flesh as the expressor would like
B.) A great way to display your goods and lack of originality
C.) A desperate attempt to get attention or free skin pics

You can take a look tomorrow and see what you think.

For the official word:

The Village Idiot said... long as they are roofing nails, the finish nails ..well they have small heads and just go right through the rubber of the orange spikes and don't hold worth anything.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, roofing nail gun to affix your hat?
Allow me to assist you, I do so love to help a friend!

Alana said...

Hey Jodes! Nice to meetchya!

I’m not too good with this word, but Mama Square always taught us that charity, love and kindness begin in the home and extend from there. What she meant is, say for example there’s like a hurricane in your own house and people are injured and displaced out of their bedrooms and have no food and clothing, you should definitely take care of these people immediately and not worry so much going to other peoples houses and bombing them and stuff. Also, I think she meant my sisters and I shouldn’t argue about clothes and shampoo and silly stuff like that.

tlm said...

Very nice definition there, jodes!

And has squaregirl been formally introduced to cube?

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I knew it wasn't a domestic flight. Sigh.

Doug The Una said...

Logo, I think you guys are a dangerous cult but that's just me. Some day, HNT will be sponsored by Amway to hand out photos at airports. You mark my words.

Idiot, I'll find something worth of a rocket scientist.

Logo, I rest my case.

Squaregirl, your poor mother.

You know, TLM, I can't answer that. Squaregirl, I think TLM would like to introduce you to Cube.

Jenna, what kind of a cheap so-and-so did you take me for?

Thanks, Actonbell. For the record, I persecute you without hope of success or resentment for failure. Your stubborn trueness is endearing.

Alana said...

No ones introduced me to a cube...would I find her/him here?

Sar said...

Doug - take pictures? You mean you're not going to come to my 4/7 party? Btw, can I just say for the record how highly amusing it is to see Half-Nekkid Thursday not only being defined but discussed and promoted on your intentionally family-friendly site. Just sayin. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I'll just sit on my couch, pout and drink my domestic beer, mourning the loss of my trip.

Hey - it says dog in my word verification. euddogk I don't know if that means "Replace her stolen ticket, dog," or what but that's the translation I'm going for.

Doug The Una said...

Cowgirl, what don't you do?

Squaregirl, TLM probably has a link to her and I have a link to him. Go find out what three dimensions feels like.

Sar, is there a party on the seventh? What's the occassion? Cinqo de Mayo?

Jenna, if you repeat that three times it may happen. It's a magic spell.

Doug The Una said...

Cowgirl, I see those all as double-negatives. Being single is the activity.

Miz BoheMia said...


Lil' Mischief tried to pull rank on me the past number of nights... rebellion civil war, mutiny have all been the order of the day.

His actions merit no applause.

Forgive me but I had no time to properly frizz out my hair. I ran over.

Domestic.... what the powers that be have tried for eons and eons to manipulate and contort bohemians into being but alas, they turned yogi instead and as for domestic, HAH, WHAT IS THAT?

Jodes, great job chica!

Dougy Dawg, forgive my absence dearest brother! This reader loooooveeees crashin' here! So, having said this mouthful and still working on the boy, I am beat. Mind if I crash on the couch?

Doug The Una said...

a4g, that's true. Those on the issues on which they are "stupid liberals" as opposed to "America-hating Democrats."

Miz B, you are welcome to the house the blog and the couch. Mi sofa es tu sofa. No apologies, though, please. They're unnecessary and a lot of work to lean up after.

CozyMama said...

WOW, 63 comments, I know more than half were not even for me, but still very cool!!! thanks again.

Doug The Una said...

You're a big draw, though, Jodes. No doubt. I think these were the most comments on a post ever on this site. You're welcome but also thank you. The pleasure was mine.