Thursday, April 20, 2006


COQUETTE, n. A vain, foolish and stupid girl who after a pretty thorough sampling of oneself prefers another.

2006 Update: Lorelei to stutterers.


Indeterminacy said...

Coquette: A hen fighting for equal rights.

Ariel the Thief said...

coquette, working woman without social insurance.

Unknown said...

so, coquettes are gay?

Doug The Una said...

Indie, European hens are like that.

Haha, Ariel.

Karma, you might be thinking of croquet. That definitely.

Hobbes said...

Mr. Dog!!!!! I have no idea about the werd, cuz like I said before I dont no spanish, but I just wanted to say how nice it is were freind's again and you're eyes are espeshaly sole full today!!!!

Kiss Kiss!!!!!!!

star firstbaseman said...

One of my favorite words.

You pick good 'uns.

Hobbes said...

And Mr. Dog--Was that realy YOU???????
You sly dog, you!!!!!!!!


Jamie Dawn said...

coquette: A female tart. Male tarts are called cockuettes.

Cowgirl said...

Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten,
Daß ich so traurig bin;
Ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten,
Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.
Die Luft ist kühl, und es dunkelt,
Un ruhig fließt der Rhein;
Der Gipfel des Berges funkelt
In Abendsonnenschein.
Die schönste Jungfrau sitzet
Dort oben wunderbar,
Ihr goldenes Geschmeide blitzet,
Sie kämmt ihr goldenes Haar.
Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme
Und singt ein Leid dabei;
Das hat eine wundersame,
Gewaltige Melodei.
Den Schiffer im kleinen Schiffe
Ergreift es mit wildem Weh;
Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,
Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh'.
Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen
Am Ende Schiffer uns Kahn;
Und das hat mit ihrem Singen
Die Lorelei getan.

Kyahgirl said...

not to be confused with 'cocotte' which would be me (hen *cluck, cluck, cluck*)

my french dictionary lists the first definition for coquette as one who is well turned out, concerned with dressing well.

TLP said...

Coquette, n., A virtuous young woman who has tired of her role.

(Men are so easy. Not to mention cheap. Naturally a sensible coquette prefers riches without love to poverty with love. Thus a flirt is born.)

Cowgirl said...

TLP, so true! Wonder if that is the reason I am a flirt...

Miz BoheMia said...

Bohemian coquettes know how to swing love and coquettery on a budget... sales baby, sales!

Doug The Una said...

Pansi, you knew I wouldn't forsake you. Yeah, that's me on Prozac (tm)

Thanks, Star. I might have guessed that would be part of your regular vocabulary.

Jamie Dawn! I'm astonished! Rooster humor is not funny! there, there, little fella.

Well done, Shayna. Bist nich traurig.

Kyahgirl, French? What are you, Canadian?

TLP, it usually happens in High School.

Cowgirl, you're a flirt, Miss Mind Candy?

Miz B, I don't doubt you for a second.

Tom & Icy said...

ha ha ha ha ha

Kyahgirl said...

oui oui chéri!

The Village Idiot said...

Coquette --- Isn't that the game where you hit your balls through wickets?

no...guess not strike one

Rio said...

how i get things for free, like bagels and ring tones

Cowgirl said...

Hey Doug, double check. That was me, Miss Mind Candy, not ;)

Although I am flattered, being mistaken for the Hottie Rocker Chick.

The Village Idiot said...

Being a fop and a philistine I have no need for coquettes in my life at the moment

The Village Idiot said...

I am however nattily attired

Anonymous said...

Coquette --- "Isn't that the game where you hit your balls through wickets? "...... no no it's the game where you show pretense of wanting to hit the balls with the wicket but only ever so gently while at the same time alluding to the fact that you have never done such a thing...batting your long curly eyelashes all the while.

It actually sounds like some sort of pasted together food but I do so love the language.

Doug The Una said...

Rio, there's not much sadder than a coquette with low expectations. Bagels! Ring Tones! Please!

Cowgirl, you heard me, Miss Mind Candy!

I take exception, Village Idiot. Philistines need coquettes like catfish need bait. Glad to hear of your splendor, though.

Cooper, I see you've played. Seafood Coquettes are my favorite. Mermaids and such.

Unknown said...

croquets are frogs, i prefer fish croquettes.

- Lorelei the Mermaid
(i do not stutter

The Village Idiot said...

A siren goes off in my head when I see a mermaid, especially if she is better dressed than I

uzkik -- one of the new "stans"?

Cowgirl said...

;) Sassy, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Are ya'll making fun of me... :( Do you not like being my "Mind Candy" ? :(

Anonymous said...

[Part One: One Night in Paris]
[Mme. Bezier:] Bonjour monsieur
Paris really welcomes you
It's the best room in the house
It's forty francs a night, alright.

[Touriste:] It's crazy, it isn't worth a centime
I'll take it!
[Mme. Bezier:] Merci Monsieur
[Offstage Chorus:] Rouged lips in the gaslight
A great view of the hall
That's the way the croissant crumbles after all
[Narrator:] Paris is only one step away
Les girls are out on bail
Tres bien there's love for sale
[Coquette:] Oh my cheri, wish you were mine
And I'll show you a wonderful time
For the price of a cheap champagne
I'll show it you once again
[Voice of the Streets:] One night in Paris
Is like a year in any other place
One night in Paris
Will wipe the smile off your pretty face
One girl in Paris
Is like loving every woman
One night in Paris
One night in Paris
One night in Paris
May be your last!!!

[Part Two: The Same Night in Paris]
[Hustlers (1 to 5):] Is he gonna buy?
[1.Offstage:] You wanna little culture?
[Hustlers:] Is he gonna pay?
[2.Offstage:] Maybe Monsieur is into photographs, Non?
[Hustlers:] Or is he gonna fall in love
The all American way?
[3.Offstage:] I got a watch wiz a beautiful Swiss movement
[Hustlers:] Is he gonna buy?
[4.Offstage:] Forget the watch, I'll show you a good time!
[Hustlers:] Is he gonna pay?
[5.Offstage:] Le connoisseur, want something different?
[Hustlers:] Or is he gonna fall in love
The all American way?
[Everyone:] Oh you know you ain't no Casanova
You can't even do the Bossa Nova
Or the Tango or the Samba!
[Chinese Tarts:] Though you are so very charming
No you ain't no Casanova
[Hustlers:] Is he gonna buy?
Is he gonna pay?
Or is he gonna fall in love
The all American way?
Sometimes I think he will
But then again....
[Voices of the Streets:] One night in Paris
Is like a year in any other place!
One night in Paris
Will wipe the smile off your pretty face!
Try a girl in Paris
But try one of mine
Each night in Paris
Each night in Paris
Each night in Paris
Each night in Paris
May be your last!!!

[Part Three: Later the same night in Paris]
[Coquette's Girls:] Forty-Two, Quarante-Deux
Rue de Saint Jacques
All our girls are how you say
Good in the sack
[Coquette:] I was a stripper
On the Champs Elysees
He was a gendarme
In the gendarmerie
[Girls:] Going Oh La La La
Oh La La La La
[Coquette:] He was a pimp
In a black beret
But he was an artiste
In his own way
[Girls:] Going Oh La La La
Oh La La La La
[Coquette:] When they raided my club that night
They ruined my act with the leather umbrella
the Chief de Police got a fright
He was up in my boudoir with some other fella
[Club Clientelle:] It's only routine
But I got this feeling
It ain't good for business
[Narrator:] Then the floor cleared
A woman screamed to herself
[Henri's Lover:] Henri...Though you're not the toast of Paris
I love you, although you bed and beat me
Henri, leave it alone,
For the gendarme's just doing his job
[Narrator:] Paris is only one step away
[Chorus:] Murder is only one step away
[Everyone:] Notre Dame is ringing her bells
Another gendarme has gone to Hell
Notre Dame is ringing her bells
Another gendarme has gone to Hell
gone to Hell
gone to Hell
gone to Hell
[Whole Cast:] One night in Paris
Is like a year in any other place
One night in Paris
Will wipe the smile off your pretty face
One girl in Paris
Is like loving every woman
This night in Paris
This night in Paris
This night in Paris
This night in Paris
May be your last!!!

dddragon said...

i have NO idea what you're talking about.

Doug The Una said...

c-c-course not, k-k-karma

Does that happen a lot, V.I.

Haha, Cowgirl. I suppose.

Shayna, mind candy doesn't make fun. What's that from?

Right, Dddragon. MOM????????????

The Village Idiot said...

Doug -- only on the third tuesday of the fifth Month on leap year

Jamie Dawn said...

This word caused a zany outbreak.
Any coquettes wish to play croquet?
Roosters are not invited! They are poor losers.

Cowgirl said...

I can't speak for Doug, but I love being your mind candy, Shayna.

Miss Mind Candy to you, Mr. Sassy Doug. ;) *grins from ear to ear*

Kyahgirl said...

Shayna-is that from a play? very dark, very scary. Don't play with the coquettes!!Yikes.

Doug The Una said...

Not bad, V.I. Doesn't sound like you're a danger to yourself or others.

Jamie Dawn, maybe I didn't want to play anyhow.

Miss Mind Candy, if I hold out to be called eye candy it'll be a long wait. I'll take it. Besides, it puts me in impressive company.

Actonbell, the older I get the more dangerous pastry becomes, relatively speaking.

It sure is, isn't it Kyahgirl? I like it. Weillish.

Cowgirl said...

Actonbell - blogger was a booger last night. Glad to see you made it today. ;)

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, the word you're looking for is Candy Man.

Anonymous said...

Are we discussing MY Lorelei? Of the Gilmore Girls? Am I just missing something completely?

I don't watch the news and often miss Very Important cultural references. I didn't know Cheney shot someone for days. In person I am pretty good at covering up my lack of knowledge though.

Doug The Una said...

Cowgirl, you really are a fine host. It's the midwesterner in you, I'd wager.

Ariel, I do try to be quick with a peanut butter cup.

Whinger, thanks for asking and welcome back. Lorelei is the German myth like the Greek Sirens. She stood on a rock over the Rhine singing and lured sailors to their dooms. In case there's some travel left in you after Vegas, her perch is south of Cologne.

Lila said...

I just keep thinking of Cher singing "V - A - M - P, vamp" on the ol' Sonny and Cher Show.

Unknown said...

ap3, you gave me a ear worm. i'm singing, "That's why the lady ... is a tramp"

qpxay: unquestionably sexy

TLP said...

Oh great. Now Shayna has given me an ear worm for One Night In Bangkok. I'm pretty sure there are a couple or three coquettes there.

"One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
Can't be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me."

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Aren't coquettes those nasty little fish cakes my Mom used to make me eat?

Salmon coquettes...yeah, that's them.

Doug The Una said...

Aral, you just keep thinking that. I'm immune to that earworm because I don't think I watched the show.

Thanks, Karma, I wasn't immune to that one.

Tan Lucy, bless Murray Head and long may he wave.

That is so awfully close, Poobah. If I weren't a gentleman I might congratulate you more fully.

liberal army wife said...

yeah.. the salmon things.. if they were fried enough, they were good... oh, sorry.

The BEST version of Die Lorelie... hands down... Marlene!!

Dougie... sit. stay. here's a cookie.. now go get the ball!

~LAW~ P.s. husband fine, today is supposed to be 100 degrees. a touch warm...

Cowgirl said...

Doug, I am sure that is where I get it.

Is it that obvious?

Sponge Girl said...

coquette, n. Etiquette of the... well. You know. Strict rules governing the moment which is most suitable for intimate exposure, for example "after dinner" but not "before the parents".

Doug The Una said...

L.A.W. thanks for dropping by and thanks for the update on your husband. That sounds warmish. *wagging*

Cowgirl, you bet.

Hey, Sponge Girl! Welcome back! I think the etiquette is situational. In my personal experience the introduction to mom and dad comes waaaaaaaaay late.

Logophile said...

Well, I got here late and enjoyed everyone else's witticisms.
I am high on cold meds and coherent thought escapes, so I shall now run off to bed.
Good times, good times.

Doug The Una said...

Sorry, Logo. Feel better soon.

a4g said...

Too busy to get this in on time.

Coquette, n. The painted woman, viewed in her vertical orientation.

Doug The Una said...

a4g, *applause*

Anonymous said...

One Night In Paris...