Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Roman Peace

Story #39, in which Rome learns anger management.

To hear the story, enter the Colosseum

To read the story, salute those who are about to die.


Ariel the Thief said...

very funny! sarcastic and gentle, so good!

dddragon said...

Bravo! Sar could calm and out-talk any savage beast, including dogs!

Minka said...

What a lovely tribute to her and a day after her birthday. I totally could see her in teh picture you painted of her with your words!
Well done and once more: happy day-after-your-birthday wishes to the emanicpated stiletto!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Ariel. Glad you liked it.

Dogs are not savages, Dddragon. Cats are.

Thanks, Actonbell. I noticed with some surprise your shoe enthusiasm a while back.

Thanks, Minka, and I'm glad to see you. I almost sent out a search party. Yeah, happy birthday weekend to Sar again.

Chatham said...

well, that's true.

Lila said...

Very well done! I should've known Sar would be the "victim" this week! :-)

That was fun.

Sar said...

OMG, that's me! Aaaaaaaaaah!

Doug, you stinker, you totally got me! Both in surprise and essence. I'm completely flattered and honored, and I truly enjoyed the story.

And did I hear Willie The Wonderdog and Lady Walela barking their birthday wishes in the background as well? Good doggies, and plenty of *pat pats* for you all! :)

Sar said...

Oh my goodness, and thanks for all the lovin from my blogger buddies here as well. Daisies and margaritas to you all!

Logophile said...

Awesome story, Doug, you are the master. Love it.

Sar,way to win the day!

mireille said...

love this. don't understand it, but love it. d, you've gotten way subtle since I been gone. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Chatcat, I figured you'd agree. No cutting.

Thanks, Aral, glad you enjoyed it.

You did, Sar. That was happy birthday in Wolf. Then they throw their bowls like Greeks. Glad that was fun for you.

Thanks, Logo. That one kind of wrote itself. All I did was choose Rome.

A toast to you too, then, Cowgirl.

Oh, I doubt that, Mireille, but it sure is good to see you back. Zockso!

Anonymous said...

Sardonica, my man. Sardonica. Tsk, tsk. No wonder those gladiators were confused.

Oh, and O Ceallaigh, whom I've banished to my darkest dungeon for the weekend on account of his shocking lack of courtesy, wishes to thank you for your very kind notices of the past two days. He wanted me to tell you that he loves your site, and, when and if I give him back his laptop, he looks forward to interacting with y'all. He has a bread and water delivery scheduled in about three hours, and I'll pass on any remarks.

Jamie Dawn said...

Make sure my margarita has lots of that salt around the edge of the glass.

Wonderful story, Doug. Sar is a calming force among raging beasts. The Gladiator has nothing on her!
I fully expected those male warriors to lose their eyes to her spiked heels, but my thirst for blood was not satiated. I'll just watch some news tonight. I'm sure Bush will be butchered as usual.

Mutha said...

"The only weapons she carried were the ones that carried her."
Very nice turn of phrase dear boy.

Again, I say to you -- it's these politically-savvy women that men find so hot. We can only hope they use their powers for good.

Doug The Una said...

Ah, thank you for the correction Dr. Pedant. I nearly ruined everything. Tell O Ceallaigh we're a pretty relaxed bunch, and his participation is welcome at any frequency that suits him. After you water board him, of course.

I think you can depend on that, although I think losing his support has made Bush a better President, so the butchery may be good for him as well as the perfect accompaniment to a Margarita for your ladyship.

Thanks, Mutha. To my brethren and I, good v evil is kind of a whole separate front.

Unknown said...

this only confirms my suspicion: the stiletto is mightier than the sword.

rah rah Sar, my darling SIS!!! have a wonderful birthday weekend


TLP said...

Another good one!

Well, of course Sar and her shoe have charms to soothe the savage breast. I knew that.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooooweee! Sistah Sar! You go girl and walk that walk! That itself should tame the wildest of beast and if anyone can do that, it's you!

Dawgy Doug, word up! You rule!

(How'd you like ma gangsta jive?)

Doug The Una said...

Great line, Karma and thanks. The two of you would have brought Rome down early.

TLP, I bet you keep beasts in cages to test that hypothesis.

Word is bond, Miz B, you phat.

Kyahgirl said...

What a great story-Sar truly rules the Brawl :-)

Minka said...

You were worried about me? That is so sweet. I just missed one post though!
Man in overall did not really fix my internet connection. But I called him and pressed the matter strongly. I also mentioned that I know where he lives.
Sorry you were worried!

TLP said...

No, no, no. It's to soothe the savage breast.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Kyah Girl. She does.

Such a threat, Minka!

Ah, TLP, I missed the spelling. Now I'm a little concerned.

Cooper said...

Sardonicus - ha ha

Brawl indeed. With those fetish inducers I'm sure Rome would simply crumble.

Doug The Una said...

Right, Alice. Caesar succumbed to the daggers in the hands of Senators. What chance did Rome have against stilettos on the feet of ladies?