Thursday, November 30, 2006


DEJEUNER, n. The breakfast of an American who has been in Paris. Variously pronounced.

2006 Update: Roadkill on the plate of a pretentious bumpkin. Properly enjoyed using the salad fork and buck knife, esp. on the morning of Dec. 3, 2006.

Joyeux anniversaire a Ms. Thing. Update: Happy Birthday also to Terry!

For fun with words, the great and good O Ceallaigh will be updating his New Millenium Devil's Dictionary for the next two weeks. Similar recipe, but boil the water first.

Oh, and from the department of "You got peanut butter in my chocolate," don't miss Minka at Sar's.

Au Revoir, y'all!


Minka said...

Numero UNO.
Si si!

Anonymous said...

Numero Dejeuner.

Oui, Oui

Mutha said...

I have dejeuner a la voiture most days.

I'll miss you Doug! Don't forget to come back!

Minka said...

And Dougie, thanks for mentioning my little guesting over that the Brawl, you are a very sweet dawg!

My Dejeuner today consisted of tomatoe sandwiches! Yummy!

Happy Birthday TLP!

and also: Safe travels and a quick return.

TLP said...

Numero quattro. Si, certamente. (I'm not countin' Minka twice, even if she was nice enough to wish me a happy birthday.)

I hope we will get to hear about Doug's excellent adventure. I also hope that you don't try to take that buck knife on the plane. Whoo boy!

TLP said...

I trust neither you nor Ambrose, so I googled this silly word. All I can say is it's a good thing that you are not a pretentious bumpkin. You are anything but pretentious.

Miz BoheMia said...

Je ne peux pas déjeuner parce que je dois fair du yoga les matins...

Ah! C'est Paris! C'est super ça! Absolument génial mon frère! Je te souaites un vraiment bon voyage!!!

Gros bisous!

La hermanita...

Anonymous said...

Doug did you ever actually get my permission?

Have a wonderful wonderful wonderful time

Please think of blogging as a universe you don't exist in for two weeks

I will miss you, and take that buck knife on the plane. Also the Swiss Army key chain, tons and tons of water for hydration and...

Anonymous said...

Dejeuner: To eat quickly without chewing, esp. while cramming for a French final.

See ya, Doug. Enjoy your time aaway.

The amoeba said...

DEJEUNER, n. The Fountain of Youth - from JEUNE, young. Hey! No wonder everybody claims to love Paris! Alas, if it were only true ...

Safe and enjoyable travels, Dawg. I'll try to keep the place tidy while you're away ... [nervously drops keys on floor while trying to put them in pocket].

Oh, TLP? Trust me. These days, they won't even let you take the word "knife" on a plane with you. Crede expertum. Happy Birthday anyway.

Unknown said...

je suis missez-vous already, mon chien. vraiment

hap-hap-happy birthday, darling TLP!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a real word? I think I need a dictionary today. Well anyway, Have a good time Doug!

Anonymous said...

it's always about the food with you, isn't it?

in all seriousness, have a FANTASTIC trip, Doug. we'll miss you. well, some of us will. but i'm sure i speak for almost all of us in saying i hope you have an absolutely fabulous time, and more than a few good meals. Bon voyage! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Doug have a great time and bring us back presents!

Anonymous said...

I ain't even gonna attempt something with this word.

Have a great vacation Doug and thank you again for yesterday, it was best time ever. ;)

Sassy Dewy


Anonymous said...

Ooh yes! Presents!

I hurt myself at dejeuner today. Cut my finger. It was all bloody and gross but not enough to turn me off my dejeuner. C'est impossible!

You'll be missed for a day or two but I promise to pine away for two weeks if you bring me a present.

Happy birthday TLP.

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday TLP!

Anonymous said...

d'oh! i almost forgot...

TLP? Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday, girlfriend! may your day be wonderful and filled with joie de vivre! or, at the very least, a nice lunch. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Oui, oui, Minkamoiselle!

There ya go, Brian.

Mutha, where's back?

Thanks, Minka. I'll be back in 7 snowstorms or so.

TLP, I'm planning to finish Moazzam Begg's book about being held as a terrorist by the U.S. on the flight or in detention. Now need for a buck knife.

Mais non, ma souer, Strasbourg. Hey I kinda understood us!

Pia, thank you. I took your post today as tacit consent. In triplicate.

Thanks, Al. You've got a nacho on your shirt. A friend would tell you.

Crede Expertum? Mon frere amoebois, you have a few years on me but I wasn't just born. TLP was.

Thanks, Karma. I'll probably be back in time for your next post.

Solace, it's French for "breakfast." When I started this site I saw that word in there and thought "Yeah, I'll never be able to use that one." This was pretty much my only chance. And thanks.

Puppybrose, that and dogs. Thanks.

Joel, should I look for a "Les Dodgers" ball-cap?

Thanks, Dewy. I'm glad you were let out for it.

Jenna, I'm not sure I can fit french twins in my bag for you, but I'll try.

Right on, Joel and Puppybrose.

Anonymous said...

Trying to make my dejeuner more petit so as to have less of a derriere. Can I help it that everybody cooks around me?

Bon Vacances mon ami!

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug -- Appréciez votre déjeuner, mais ne buvez pas l'eau !

And don't worry, OC will charm all of us awazy from you before you get back?

Anonymous said...

Oh and Happy Birthday TLP!

Mo'a said...

Un petit déjeuner pour moi. Après Thanksgiving je dois observer ma figure de fille.
Ayez des vacances heureuses. Voyez-vous bientôt.

FelineFrisky said...

OOOO! French breakfast! French toast, of course! The IHOP kind, the cinnabon with syrup flowing over it! Yum!

Have a fantastic vacation, Doug - well deserved. We shall go on without you, as naturally as we can.

Yes, do bring us back presents! D :)

Anonymous said...


Je t'aime!

Alana said...

Ahhh Breakfast. It's my favorite meal. Except in Europe...the breakfasts I had there were not hearty enought for me.

Happy Birthday TLP!

Au Revior Doug! Have a wonderful and safe trip and many delicious dejeuners!

Doug The Una said...

G, I don't see why you should suffer because they cook. Let them skip breakfast.

Quill, I'll be there to join you all. My real friends will come back some of the time.

Gosh, Mo'a, I understood that too. It's dollmaking that keeps you and your figure girlish. Have a donut.

Diane, I know that's french cuisine to me. If I spoke the language I'd tell les batards so.

Jenna, les aimes. Il me faut seulement viandes.

I hear ya, Square. Don't you think there should be an Egg McMuffin somewhere in that city?

Kyahgirl said...

Au revoir mon ami.

Avoir l'amusement!

Anonymous said...

Here here Doug! Pass the scrambled eggs with cheese, I've got the pita bread right next to me.

tsduff said...

Huevos Rancheros for me please. Will miss the shenanigans over here whilst you are traipsing about. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

silly me. i thought déjeuner meant lunch. but you say it means breakfast? should we split the difference and call it brunch? oh wait, when *you're* eating breakfast, we're eating lunch, so maybe we're both right.

i'm confused. pass me a bagel?

Mo'a said...

Little puppy, you are dejeuner is lunch petit dejeuner is breakfast unless you say as I did little/small lunch, then it is petit dejeuner.....this is why it can be so confusing......then you knew this already.

Sorry Doug seems I have taken over must be the girl in me :)

Mo'a said...

Little puppy, you are right....dejeuner is lunch... petit dejeuner is breakfast unless you say as I did little/small lunch, then it is petit dejeuner.....this is why it can be so confusing......then you knew this already.

Sorry Doug seems I have taken over must be the girl in me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all! Me and my family have dejeuneur whenever there's a wedding celebration for one of our kin! And sometimes another one of our the same ceremony...but we ain't gonna go into details here.

Sar said...

*giggling* Mo'a apology for taking over posted twice. Now that's blogger showing it's sense of humor.

Sar said...

Doug - *sniff* I just wanted to say that I hope you have a wonderful trip *sniff* and you'll be more than greatly missed.

And thanks everyone *sniff* for being so kind and supportive to your almost WA-withdrawl suffering stiletto - all the French has just touched me so.


Tito get me a tissue!

Sar said...

Lordamercy! I forgot to wish TLP a Happy B-day!

Warm birthday wishes & extra chocolate to my friend and Pez Matriach - TLP!

Doug The Una said...

Merci beaucoups, Mme Kyah!

G, I knew I should have gone to Jersey instead.

Terry, that's a good breakfast. So's crow.

Puppy, I'd have argued with me if Mo'a hadn't shown up. I was kind of following Bierce on this one.

Mo'a, you just saved me the embarrassment of asking for a cheeseburger for lunch at 6AM. Thank you!

Cuzzin Hildy-bob, I thought you'n looked familiar.

Thanks, Sar. Une tissue comin' right up.

Anonymous said...

So...I didn't wound myself at dejeuner but at petite dejeuner.

Oh wait. That's wrong.

I got a paper cut just before lunch. Pass another bandaid.

I can't believe you're not taking me, Doug. I mean really! What would be more entertaining than me struggling to remember my high school French?

"Bonjour. Comme ça va? Ça va bien. Et tu? Ou est le bibliothèque? Merci."

Really...I'm needed just for the entertainment alone. You'll be so friggin' bored.

Oh and you must buy une chapeau. A kicky little beret. OH not for me...I get the twins.

Anonymous said...

Doug, have a wonderful vacation, and may the repast be legendary! We'll all be waiting and looking forward to hearing all about it.

Doug The Una said...

Jenna, I have every certainty I would be well-entertained with you and a room full of frenchmen. I'm just not sure I could get you through customs.

Thanks, Actonbell. Not to fear, if the repast isn't legendary I'll have seconds. The gourmand will be remembered.

Anonymous said...

De who ner? huh? *scratches head*

Don't worry, I'll have it figgered out upon your return!

Adios Amigo!!

Anonymous said...

since i won't have the pleasure of wishing you Rabbit, Rabbit tomorrow, at least i can be first to say Tibbar, Tibbar today. safe journey, my friend!

oh, and as for that whole breakfast/lunch thing? i only know what i know through Googlery. Trust me, i am nothing if not a fake when it comes to any knowledge of the French language. as far as i'm concerned, omelettes are tasty *any* time of the day. xox

Mo'a said...

Doug, my pleasure. Hamburger in France, mais non!

Sar, anything worth apologizing for is worth apologizing for twise....That blogger such a cad.

mireille said...

I think Mark Twain also used a buck knife when in Paris. You'll be in good company. xoxo

Hobbes said...

Have a good vacation, Doug.
Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe--only suitable in the salad days. Definitely makes an "impression," though.

Anonymous said...


a voyage extraordinaire to you.

TLP said...

It's almost Rabbit Rabbit in TLP time. Don't forget to say it tomorrow.

And you are going to miss my guest post over at Bela's slap of the day!
Bela's Slap of the Day.Talk about bad luck.

LeMas. said...

ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!! Happy happy fun vacation time to you Doug!

Doug The Una said...

Gracias, Karen. Almuerzo!

Puppybrose, I was trusting Ambrose. I should have asked Mo'a or Mireille.

Mo'a why would I go to France to start behaving? Merci, de nouveau.

Mireille, that is good company. Why didn't I think of Innocents Abroad as an airplane book? Adieu!

Thanks, Weirsdo. I'll try to take your advice. Is it ok if I post translation problems as comments?

Thanks, Alice. See you around like a donut.

TLP, I made it. You give good slap.

Thanks, Masil. Catch you in a bit.

Hobbes said...

Bien sur.

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Minka said...

Hase hase and you really did leave! *shakes head*
You sure have guts...wait until you get back!

Logophile said...

Oooooh man, my first day this week with internet and the man is already GONE
shniff shniff

rabbit rabbit

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit. I cannot believe that you're actually gone. GONE! *sigh*

Did someone bring chips? I brought Drambuie. Can we get some Irish Cream in here? Who's on clean up?

Minka said...

Not me...I wasn´t asked to clean up! messing up teh place is a whole different thing though...bring on the tequilla I say! and a kilo of salt and hundreds of lemons, its gonna be a long two weeks!

Charlene Amsden said...

What Dawg? Doug, who?

TLP said...

Quilly, the dawg is a creature who used to live here. We've sublet the place. I think that means we can trash it and the owner will clean up when he gets back. Right? Anybody know for sure?

The Reverent Eater said...

fricassee, fricassee!

Anonymous said...

TLP: I'm positive. We don't have to clean up. Did anybody leave a security deposit because other than that - no worries.


tsduff said...

Oh. I'm touched beyond words to have received a mention on the Master blog. Thank you Doug. Okay, Minka - where did you put that tequila? I like mine with lots of limes & salt.

Alana said...

I think I'm having deja vu? Wasn't Dejeuner yesterday's word? Oh wait, it was? You really left? And I thought you were kidding.

Well in that case, I'll take a shot with you Minka!

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, Rabbit to one ande and all... and Happy Happy Birthday Birthday, Terry Terry!!

okay... i don't drink, so i'm willing to be the DD around here, but someone *else* is on cleanup duty. maybe we could take up a fund and hire a service? (G and i have started another fund for another worthwhile "service", but that's another discussion for another boring day!)

personally, i think we should make it a point to stop over here and say "hi" every day that Doug is gone, just to see if he'll respond to everyone when he gets back.

i know. i'm pathetic. sigh. there anything good to eat around here?

Anonymous said...

Have loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

Are we really gonna trash his place while he's gone? *grins* Oooo, I'm gonna TELL!

Anonymous said...

Al: what happens is this: we mess up the place, but then we get someone to clean it up, and Doug is none the wiser. it all goes back to a fateful/funny day in JUNE. and yes, Kyahgirl and G started the whole thing, and got everyone else in trouble, but it was fun while it lasted. and i believe we've all been waiting for another chance to cut loose in here again. exit Doug/enter "the gang". more or less.

and now i'm laughing at myself, because i tell you all i don't drink, but you'd never know it to read what i write. can i use the teeny little laptop i was using earlier as my excuse for bad spelling? (i realize i have *no* excuse for bad writing)

Doug The Una said...

Weirsdo, et de nouveau.

Tibbar, tibbar, Sis!

Minka, I'll accept whatever punishment you deem necessary for justice. Grüße schöne aus Deutschland!

Logo, see you soon. Quit yer bellyachin'

TLP, just leave the bottles by the window and the bodies in back.

Minka, if you don't know the song Smack Dab In The Middle by Ray Charles look for it. It outlines my expectations of you while I'm gone.

That's OK, Quill, what's one more person looking at my passport? You're the fifth in 24 hours.

TLP, that was my understanding.

Haha, Manchego. You were just waiting for me to leave, weren't you?

G, no one left one with me.

Terry, skip the flattery get to the table dancing.

Squaregirl, I'm not sure you should be involved in this. Minka, do nerds get to play?

Puppybrose, I'm more pathetic. I'm responding while I'm gone. You didn't expect me to go cold turkey, did you?

Thanks, Goldennib. Loads of sleep will suit me.

Al, no one likes a brown-noser.

Puppybrose, you're one of the lucky few to be punchy without punch. See you in a couple days. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Saturday kids...everyone's sleeping in the Lampshade Household - except me. Let's crank up the tunes and kick out the jams!

Why Puppy, I may have to go back to the halcyon days of Waking Ambrose, thanks for the link :)

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Dijinner: When the Friday post gets eeten by the Thursday post.

Anonymous said...

G: that was my intention all along! mind if i join you, Mrs. Nesbit?? (still laughing at your comment in the post above this one) xox

boy from S.A.C.A.D.A.: that's pretty darn cute. altho' does that make Thursday's post a blogivore?

Anonymous said...

Puppybrose - mind?! I've been expecting you!

Alana said...

What the heck?? I thought we were gonna be unsupervised for a coupla weeks, but ala it isn't so. oh well...i was so ready to cause some trouble...