Tuesday, November 21, 2006


TROGLODYTE, n. Specifically, a cave-dweller of the paleolithic period, after the Tree and before the Flat. A famous community of troglodytes dwelt with David in the Cave of Adullam. The colony consisted of "every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented" — in brief, all the Socialists of Judah.

2006 Update: A benighted creature who walks in a slouch with arms dangling and brow furrowed, knuckles dragging and feet shuffling while speaking in grunts, growls and groans beyond the next morning.
2. A satirical lexicographer in the sunlight.


Minka said...

Right! later...

Minka said...

Ah...that reminds me of:"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit!"

Anonymous said...

You are making this too easy this morning Doug!!!


Anonymous said...

Uhhh, ~Third! Third!~ [No way I'm gonna get away with making a virtue out of losing to Minka... ]

Troglodyte: Using GEICO.COM is so easy, even these guys can do it.

Anonymous said...

!#@? [...or Brian...]

Anonymous said...


He stretched, he scratched, he rubbed his eyes.
The rest of us here had a surprise.
What kind of word is this we pondered?
Perhaps the fleas have caused his brain to wander.
But then we realize the awful fact,
That it's our brain's that often lack.
We concede his intellectual might,
All worship the troglodyte.

Hi Doug,

I hope this does justice to your fine blog. I can only hope that someday I will as good as you.


The amoeba said...

TROGLODYTE, n. A modern cave-dweller with a flat screen and keyboard ... no, sorry, that's BLOGLODYTE. I really must learn to pay more attention to my surroundings in the morning ...

What sunlight, Doug? Haven't you yet taken to heart AGB's pronouncement that dawn is when people of wit and reason go to bed? Don't you know that disobedience puts your soul at risk? I mean, his contemporaries called him Almighty God Bierce for a reason ...

Somebody go help Quilly. She just fainted ...

Anonymous said...

Btw Al.

I am a multiple, not a troglodtye. There is a difference. :)

Minka said...

al, your profile picture makes me dizzy!

Anonymous said...

Minka: dizzy, and yet i *love* his new avatar (meant to tell you that yesterday, Al)

Gee Doug, this word either explains/supports your last comment to me yesterday, or supports/explains my last comment to you. i can't decide.

Troglodyte: guru

Charlene Amsden said...

Troglodyte: well, this morning this appears to be the place to meet one -- or three.

OC -- I fainted laughing. I hope somebody caught me.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

I am an exspert on fossiles so I know you speld the word wrong. They are nown as Trillobites not Troglodites as any fossills exspert can tell you.

Anonymous said...

Troglodytes (musical): Herman's Hermits?

Anonymous said...

Troglodyte: A mule after a long night in the stall.

Anonymous said...

"walks in a slouch with arms dangling and brow furrowed, knuckles dragging and feet shuffling while speaking in grunts, growls and groans beyond the next morning" ...

jeez! hate it when that happens! :+)

FelineFrisky said...

Hi All!!

Troglodyte - What I was for 5 years. But now, according to OC, I am a Bloglodyte! Much better!

Slowly working my way back into circulation. It's very good to be back. D :)

Anonymous said...

Troglodytes? Usually what I fall for. Sigh.

Minka said...

ok, I am going to take this one. We all are thinking it!


it just needed to be said and I don´t mind looking stupid! *furrows brows and dares anybody to say something*

Anonymous said...

I like your second definition so much there is nothing to add

Anonymous said...


Like I would dare so anything to...

Penguin= Beauty :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brian, "penguin=beauty", yeah, yeah...

*furrows brows and dares anybody to say something*

But Minka, when you talk like that, I picture you under a helmet with bull horns coming out of it, dressed in ornately engraved bronze armor, and holding a spear. Your last name wouldn't be Wagner, would it? :-)

Sorry, couldn't help it...


Doug Pascover

Anonymous said...

Al: Flight of the Valkyries might be teh Penguin's ringtone, but i'm *quite* certain that's as close to Wagnerian as she gets. : P

Mo'a said...

Troglodyte: Most women have dated one, some are married to one.....me I married Prince Charming....I like sunshine, or lots of candles.

End of yesterdays Saga: Lowes took back the Humidifier....afer I told the long story of my Parents plight....I was very polite and obviously convincing, judging from the outcome.
The asistant manager resembled an Elf, luckily the Troglodyte aka the original returns clerk, was back in his cave.

Sar said...

Troglodyte: The central fodder for Geiko's so easy it's annoying ad campaign.

Btw, You Can Call Me Al - when I see your new avatar, I'm tempted to give you a smack upside the head much as I would a tv in the same state to restore focus.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, those fancy hobbits and their precious holes in the ground. Real men don't need such filigree.

Brian, I never recognized him as kin. Nor he me.

Al, that ought to teach you to goldbrick.

Good grief, Dewy. I guess I understand the derivation of your name.

O Ceallaigh, the habits of men of wit and reason provide me no guidance at all.

Haha, Brian. A multiple or a divisor?

Minka, think of it as recycling his face.

Puppybrose, a troglodyte can always decide. There's your answer.

Quill, chances are no one caught you, but you were probably dragged back to the fire so all's well that ends well.

Sacada, at your age I was always collecting fossils and trilobites were easy to find in the midwest. Sure hope you don't grow up to be a nerd.

Joel, I wondered who would come up with that. Tobacco Road or Louie, Louie? I forget.

Mule, or the guy who cleans up after you.

Don'cha, Karen?

Welcome back, Diane. Always a pleasure, bloglodyte!

Jenna, I might have guessed that.

Minka, I thought of that, too. No problem here.

Thanks, Pia.

There you go, Brian. Well done.

Al, is this kind of what you were thinking?

Puppybrose, I'm glad you're certain.

Mo'a, it's good your childhood and profession both prepared you for elves. Good to hear.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, we cross-posted. I bet a Al could use a good focusing.

Minka said...

al, ther eis a picture of me aorund here somewhere that pretty much depicts the image you just painted. I guest posted a while back. Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

Doug, exactly! Truth is stranger than fiction! I'm printin' that one out, and its going straight into my wallet... (Before M. file the protection order.)

Charlene Amsden said...


On my 21st birthday one of my co-workers came up to me, shook my hand and said, "congratulations. You are offically an adult. Now you are not only responsible for your own actions, but the actions of your friends as well." I immediately realized many of my friends were troglodytes and I needed to make some changes.

I believe today might be a good day to revisit that advice.

Anonymous said...

Bobo, you were close but I think you were thinking of: THE TROGGS, short for The Troglodytes!

Come on everyone, join in a rousing rendition of Wild Thing cause I wanna know for sure!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, I already provided Al the link.

Al, I'll say this about Minka, she ain't fakin'. Beware the square sail.

Quilly, I just hope your hair is ok. It was a long drag.

Thank you, G. I've been working my way there slowly.

Charlene Amsden said...

I'm off to the showers! You all try not to bash anyone's brains in playing with those clubs.

Anonymous said...

regardng my certainty? (Penguins in horn hats, etc) okay, Mr. Snipe...my excuse here is a simple one. i was living in a cave myself, and unaware of that photo. (before i became a WA devotee, i suppose)

you know, i've half a mind to quit commenting here. fortunately, the other half won't let me... yet.

Anonymous said...

A pale, antisocial creature which spends its days in a musty cave hunched over a dim, flickering light. See also blogger.

Logophile said...

I always thought it was software engineers and computer programmers who were the troglodytes.
Lexicographers love to emerge and try their words out on the appreciative audience too much to be true cave dwellers.

Anonymous said...

Hey G...forgot about The Troggs. Is that a great picture or what? Those suits, that hair...quite the statement.

Anonymous said...

"every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented"

That's the all-inclusive resort I keep writing so much about.

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, you're asking the wrong man.

Puppybrose, see, you learned something here today.

Diesel, I'm very proud to have used both stone tools and HTML.

Thank you, Logo. You're no trog yourself and I mean that.

Joel, takes me back to a day before my time. Ah, the memories.

Haha, Actonbell. And there you are explaining the difference between a daddy longlegs and a spider at work.

Unknown said...

one of 'em punched me in the head and dragged me by my hair ... awwww he loves me sooooo much

ofmaoeru: what Trogs whisper in my ear

tsduff said...

I just KNEW there was a song about them... here is what I was trying to remember. A song by Jimmy Castor Bunch,called

CAVEMAN (Troglodytes)

What we're gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time.
When the only people that existed were troglodytes...cave men...
cave women...Neanderthal...troglodytes. Let's take the average
cave man at home, listening to his stereo. Sometimes he'd get up,
try to do his thing. He'd begin to move, something like this:
"Dance...dance". When he got tired of dancing alone, he'd look
in the mirror: "Gotta find a woman gotta find a woman gotta find a
woman gotta find a woman". He'd go down to the lake where all the
woman would be swimming or washing clothes or something. He'd look
around and just reach in and grab one. "Come here...come here".
He'd grab her by the hair. You can't do that today, fellas, cause
it might come off. You'd have a piece of hair in your hand and she'd
be swimming away from you (ha-ha). This one woman just lay there,
wet and frightened. He said: "Move...move". She got up. She was a
big woman. BIG woman. Her name was Bertha. Bertha Butt. She was one
of the Butt sisters. He didn't care. He looked up at her and said:
"Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me
sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me!". She looked down on him.
She was ready to crush him, but she began to like him. She said
"I'll sock it to ya, Daddy". He said: "Wha?". She said (falsetto):
"I'll sock it to ya, Daddy". You know what he said? He started it way
back then. I wouldn't lie to you. When she said (falsetto)
"I'll sock it to ya, Daddy" he said "Right on! Right on! Hotpants!
Hotpants! Ugh...ugh...ugh".

This is the only definition I've ever known...

mireille said...

aww baby, did somebody call you a troglodyte? Heh. xoxo

Miz BoheMia said...

Troglodyte... one step up, if not a couple at least, on the evolutionary scale from leacherous beings named "Bush"...


Anonymous said...

such an ugly little word.

It rolls of the tongue so nicley though.

Anonymous said...

very interesting blog!

Doug The Una said...

Karma, Troglodyte love can be hard on the scalp but the meat is fresh.

Terry, that was the only definition you've ever needed. That looks familiar.

Mireille, they did but I clubbed'em.

Miz B, I thank you and my ancestors thank you. If they built castles in trees we might have been kings.

Doesn't it, Alice? I've been called that lots of times and always thought it sounded so pretty.

Thanks, East of Oregon. Drop by any time.

Anonymous said...

Those Troglodytes in the so-called "Band" Death Cheese tore up the stage before, during and after their heinous performance.
Hoity Toity
Music Critic

Anonymous said...

My kinda man!!!!!