Thursday, November 16, 2006


SALUBRIOUS, adj. The condition of a man who throws physic to the dogs.

2006 Update: Promoting good health as a physician's prescription for a man to a worm.


Minka said...

What the...?

Salibrious??? oh I see...physics books are involved, well that is me out then :)

*winks at al and neva*

Minka said...

oh and I am sorry: I left you, Dougie, out of this whole waving process.

*´How does your high corpsiosity sagaciate this fine salubrious morning?´

(I read that somewhere, but can´t remember where. Spelling mistakes are bound to be involved!)

Anonymous said...

According to Pia you had a big birthday this weekend and I missed it! I could have sang "Happy Birthday To You" in my best Marilyn Monroe Voice! Sorry, my dear! I do hope it was a great one!

A few years have passed away
When she said goodbye to her love
I told her not to wait at home
Drown in tears alone and frown

Warm touch of ash is like a fire
In her lap she's got a creeps
She puts off her dress of fire
Like a groaning autumn trees

At the horizon the crescent disappears
The gloomy black night is coming soon
SALUBRIOUS breeze for her soul
Time of fury wakes her up

Christmas moon shining
So full still bright
Make me pure
I renounce my sins

Inside of this mist
Of shady lights
In wicket i'm wincing
Got frozen by cold

It is snowing
The wind takes the light away
The wind's blowing
The snow drifts my footsteps

Anonymous said...

Salubrious greetings to your own fine self, Minka! *winks back*

Indeterminacy said...

Salubrious: What it gets if you use too much lubrication.

Anonymous said...

Since I don't seem to have a good definition for what salubrious is, here's a list of things that salubrious is not:

Waking up at 6 am, after getting only a couple hours of sleep, to find that no matter how hard you try, minka will always be the first to comment and you will always be about 6 comments away from her's.

Getting into any intimate relationship before the age of 60 (since that's when you can just sit on the park bench and feed the pigeons)

Spending more money on books for classes than you make in one month.

Not laughing at something everyday.

Thinking too hard to list things that are not Salubrious...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Solace, Minka isn't always first. Just usually.

Salubrious: Being kissed in just the right place by a leech.

Mutha said...

Al I think that is the definition for "Buzz Kill."

Mutha said...

"Salubrious" is one of those words that seems to have been made up by someone who had way too much time on their hands. While fun to say, I'm not sure it lines up with it's intention. "Salubrious" makes me think of a Latin greeting or the name of a gladiator.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mutha on this one...thinking the creation of this word can be traced to one of the following:

a) a drinking game staged during a linguist convention.
b) "create a word" contest submission during one of the early Webster company picnics.

Mutha said...

I am back to confirm that Joel is a funny man.
Rock on Joel.

word verification *wmgum*: where's my gum?

The amoeba said...

Maybe it was here, Minka?

Propel your crafts salubriously, if not ecstatically, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Well, OC thanks for those informative links (considering the second one is aimed at 3-5 year olds, you presented it to a good audience).

Salubrious: Salacious sans sweat.

Charlene Amsden said...

Salubrious -- isn't that all the slobbery stuff on the baby's face ...?

Anonymous said...

No, silly Quilly.

Salubrious is the capital of Utah.

TLP said...

What? Are we playing "dirty word" Scrabble today?

Oh, Quilly, I like that one.

This is extra funny to me today. As I started typing this A.M., I noticed chocolate on my fingers. WTF? I didn't eat chocolate (yet). Then noticed it's all over the keyboard. Apparently I'm walkin' in my sleep. Not a very salubrious habit. The walking part. Chocolate is health food.

Anonymous said...

TLP, its the Ambien. Happens to everybody. These days, half the population of Beverly Hills is out and about at 4AM, eating chocolate and trying to get into Harry Winstons.

Anonymous said...

You're all wrong.

It's obviously the action of throwing a person out of a bar only they think they're leaving with good cheer.

Good bouncers do good jobs

Sar said...

Mutha - around here that'd be said 'where's maahh guuum'.

G - The combo of Doug's word & your definition has the makings of a great drinking game. For everytime you can't say it completely right, you take a shot.

With that in mind, here's my updated definition...

Salubrious: The drunken state achieved when interacting with blogger buddies at my intellectual playground.


Mo'a said...

I don't know why I think I can play in the pen.....even the dogs are smarter than I am :( .....and most of them can spell.
So I thought The Penguin.....The Smart Little Penguin was saying, that the doggie had pointy head.... Sagittate....Ok!!!I looked Sagaciate up in the American Heritage.....and came up with sagittate.....I try to keep up not as fast a googler or page turner as can I still come and play here?
What was the word again....Salubrious.....which is not what I will be if I get one more call from "Brian on Dish" pressing 2 does not work....Long story.

Kyahgirl said...

salubrious-the main reason I could never stand to live with a Bull Mastiff or a 'Newfie' dog :-) Hair I can handle, slobber-yuck!

We Belgians are very tidy and keep our slobber to ourselves.

robkroese said...

That which does not kill me, without making me strong.

Mutha - All hail Salubrious the Gladiator!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, I have no idea. My corpulence agitates quite well, though. Thank you so much for asking,

Shayna, it would be quite something to hear a voice like yours sing Happy Birthday. I'll send you a note in advance next year. I can't believe this word made into a song. It's just barely in my dictionary and absent from my vocabulary.

Good morning, Puppybrose. Don't mind me. I just mop the floors.

Indie, I'm trying very hard not to figure out what you mean by that.

Solace, that was one of your best. I laughed or chuckled at each. Feel free to continue.

Haha, Al. Good one.

Ave Mutha! Ave Salubrious!

That's funny, Joel. I bet you went to a lot of early Webster company picnics in a coach.

Mutha, no need have to verify for me.

O Ceallaigh, I'm doing my best.

G, salaciousness is salubrious until the slap.

Quill, not if they have a cold.

Al, you're thinking of Salacious.

TLP, that's why I sleep with a bowling ball in my mouth.

Al, you lost me at Harry Winston's but that's funny.

Hey, this word is salubrious. Good one, Pia.

Sar, you'd be the one to drink vocabulary from a shoe.

Mo'a, you play just fine. The dogs are just louder. Sagittarian, n. A sheep on a diet of artemisia tridentada.

Bassets are bad, too, Kyah. Beagles on the other hand have every virtue but circumspection.

Diesel, sounds kinda like beer.

Anonymous said...


I think you made this word up.

That much time on a guy's hands can't be healthy. Hm...oh well.

Anonymous said...

circumcision is a virtue in Beagles? i did not know that. doesn't seem very salubrious. or maybe it is, and i just haven't had enough coffee yet to see how.

*turns on heels to walk out of blog, slips on wet floor*

tsduff said...

Salubrious - This word doesn't sound wholesome. At all. Who makes up these definitions anyway? They got this one completely wrong.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody call for a mohel?
He asks as he picks up the goyl
from the floor that has become wet
Poor thing hasn't had her caffeine yet
And her clothes are all now full of soil!

Ahh for a decent cup of coffee!f

Mikki Marshall said...

Would this be considered a dysphemism?
How could such a horrible, salacious sounding word mean Wholesome?

Charlene Amsden said...

Ask a teacher:

Salubrious is from Latin salubris,
"healthful," from salus, "health."


Minka said...

Oc, that is exactly where i seem to remember reading it! I love that saying! I tried it on several occasions and people just stare at me and think I am not salubrious!

Charlene Amsden said...

Oh, btw, I am the guest poster at Sar's today. If any of you feel feel like a less salubrious topic, opo over and join the brawl.

Mo'a said...

Dear Sagittarian Ovis aries, Thumus islandia is preferable to artimesia tridentada....the same way as greens are prefered over gray vegetables.
So stay Slubrious or you might become Orvis aries ped fume....and coveted by Kjotkrokur.

Mo'a said...

That is thymus islandia. *head ache* aka *blogger*

Kyahgirl said...

Puppybrose!! Bad dog!
Apparently circumspection is not a virtue you wrestle with either!

*basks in the glow from her halo*

Doug The Una said...

Jenna, I found it in the Bierce's Dictionary and then looked it up in Webster's.

Puppybrose, is there a female equivalent to "Cad," I wonder?

Terry, it's a perfect word that sounds dirty and means clean. I can't wait to learn some that work the other way.

G, a companion on the road to being a limericist. I'm glad for the company.

Good definition, Anomie and poetic although I know some who would argue the opposite.

Still Life, we should ask Actonbell that question. Nice to see you by.

¡Saludos, Quillita!

Mo'a that's excellent advice I bet.

Kyah, there's a little tarnish on that halo. Some up top. Some down low.

a4g nicely done as always. And you're right. Formerly and yet-to-be toxic.

Anonymous said...

why ask me? *innocently bats eyelashes*

you know, every time i look at this word, i think of "Salute!", which is what my Italian step-dad always says when making a toast. not so much if he's making a bagel, but that's another breakfast food item for another stupid comment.

the only relevance, i suppose, is that "salute" is the Italian word for health. too bad it's not "salube" because then i might actually have something to say here.

(i don't know what's wrong with me. i'll go away now, and be silly in the privacy of my own blog.)

Anonymous said...

woof, woof, salubrious, salubrious!!

LeMas. said...

I don't even know what the word means...

Anonymous said...

Salubrious-I agree with Mikki. The word sounds so--oozy. Or something.
Oh, I suppose the salubrious thing to do right now is go to bed!

Anonymous said...

"My corpulence agitates quite well, though"

This I have to see.

salubrious: coming here keeps me so.

You are like a blogger salubrity.( like a celebrity but keeping my brain fine tuned.)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I haven't yet tried combining the DNA of a human with that of a worm. Thanks for the great idea!

Doug The Una said...

OK, Puppy, define Salube! Oops, I walked right into that, didn't I?

Woof indeed, Karen. Woof indeed.

Masil, it probably isn't on the label of any of your bottles.

Don't Actonbell! There's something salubrious under your bed!

Thanks, Alice. Even if that isn't a compliment, I'll take it as one. Ignorance is bliss and vocabulary is the foundation of ignorance.

Um, you're welcome, Dr. Schitz?

LeMas. said...

Bottles? Who can afford bottles...I drink from the can mister.

Doug The Una said...

Sorry, Masil, for not appreciating the depth of your poverty and the urgency of your alcoholism. Cheers!