Tuesday, April 28, 2009


YOKE, n. An implement, madam, to whose Latin name, jugum, we owe one of the most illuminating words in our language — a word that defines the matrimonial situation with precision, point and poignancy. A thousand apologies for withholding it.

2009 Update: A litter for free enterprise.The free market's carriage.


TLP said...

Yoke: the yellow stuff in an egg that most kids won't eat.

The yoke's on them 'cause the yoke's the best part IMHO.

TLP said...

Yoke: apparently you and me against the world.

the amoeba said...

I think the problem is that folk these days - at least, those of us who aren't channeling Henny Youngman (we pause while the under-thirtysomethings perform a websearch on "Henny Youngman") - haven't a clue what a "yoke" is.

Let's face it. The nearest most of us get to a team of oxen these days is a Ford Taurus. Which - speaking of "free markets" - you might still be able to purchase when (if) this recession ends. More's the pity.

The tag line of Mad magazine used to be "Humor in a jugular vein". Yep. That word comes from iugum too. Shame on you, Ambrose, for sticking a "j" into a Latin word.

Jamie Dawn said...

Yoke: Christ's is easy and is not accompanied by a heavy burden.
Since I did not do Blog Church this past weekend, I felt the need to be spiritual.

Some people remove the yoke from their egg, but I wish to get double yokes in every egg i eat.

tsduff said...

"Do not plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together." Such would be an "unequal yoking" of two animals. They would not be of equal strength, disposition and ability, thus the plowing of the field would be made far more difficult than was necessary. But, it does not say impossible.

Anonymous said...

know a Yankee
who with yoke
and oxen
continue to harvest
northeast trees
for profit
also offer
classes in
the trade

weirsdo said...

So the free market is pulled along by an invisible, and obviously ill assorted, pair?

sauerkraut said...

when cooper said specter turned into a switch hitter, I thought she was telling a yoke. but I was just too chicken to go look for myself. and I'm not pulling yer leg on that one!

cooper said...

Cooper never yokes, but she did have to look up that man Amoeba mentioned, though she still doesn't know what that has to do with Yoke.

Knowing the definition of yoke, well versed in Ancient History as she is, Doug's definition was pretty good, quite in keeping with his world view. She likes the stability here.

quilly said...

I'm late to the table and all the good yokes are gone. That'll teach me to get here by breakfast time!

Doug The Una said...

I think so too, TLP. Especially a little runny.

Amoeba, take my yoke, please.

JD, you deserved to find rest. I'll learn from you this weekend.

Noted, Terry.

Kids today, eh, Actonbell?

Bear, I can't even see the forest. Lucky Yankee.

Wersdo, the oxen think they're on top.

Sauerkraut, how do you like your blue state now?

Cooper, I pull a slow plough.

Over easy, Quilly.