Thursday, September 11, 2008


BACK-SLIDE, v.t. To join another communion.

2008 Update:  To repent too soon.


Jim said...

Back-slide: Do you think I'm back-sliding so much as to drive off your readers?
I'm first aren't I?

Tom & Icy said...

If it feels good, do it again.

the amoeba said...

BACK-SLIDE, v. t. To take the thirteenth step. See BLOGGING.

Ariel the Thief said...

You can back-slide only if you climb out first. Nice effort!

TLP said...

Back-slide: walking up the playground slide surface. Harder than it looks. So back-sliders are to be commended.


Fall off your diet and add to your backside.

Jamie Dawn said...

To go back to your old, wretched sins such as gluttony and meanness.

Jim said...

Back-slide: "I did not 'mention' that woman!" (on my last pig post)

Back-slide: Remember I try not to be political on my blog. Several were the last few days.

We are not evacuating for Ike but are preparing for 80-110 mph winds and lots of rain. We are 125 miles from the coast. People closer are evacuating today and tomorrow.

Anonymous said... opposite of belly -slide--prefer belly-slide,as you can see what is coming at you--with the back -slide you view the blue or smog filled sky,knowing your feet will hit the ground first,just don't know what they are landing in.....Peace Always :-)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

back-slide - The slippery slope on the far end of a problem.

Anonymous said...

Have you noted that many a park does not have a slide.No sit-up,back or belly sliding.Guess many have opted for the paid entry strap-in roller coaster ride,with a known out-come...sad to be strapped in with the illusion of safety ..................peace

Doug said...

Jim, I'm not sure if there's a problem but if there is I don't it's you. You're first, though.

Icy, I'm proud to say that almost every bad habit I've ever had I still have today.

Amoeba, are you blogging again? Your old site is protected.

Ariel, that's what I'd call cheerful nihilism.

Back Clyde, TLP?

JD, for me that's progress.

I'll pray for you, Jim. Good luck.

Anonymous, there must be a hundred ways to slide for every way to climb. Which is convenient.

Very nice, Poobah. Swimming pool metaphors don't get enough play, which is like a swimming pool itself, although that's technically a simile.

Bear, kids today just don't get enough knots on their little heads.

actonbell said...

Back-slide! I've been thinking about this sort of thing all day. I haven't had any coffee this week, and it's killing me.

tsduff said...

One step forward, two steps back. That's my mantra today.

G said...

I can safely say every playground in our vicinity has a backslide which is often used to climb up and Louie has been cajoled into the ride down.

Now where were we? Oh yes, backslide - the slippery slope on a dried up road.

the amoeba said...

Doug, Quilly lets me use hers. I think that's called "enabling" ...

Doug said...

Actonbell, remember there is no indulgence on a cruise.

Terry, it is well you're dancing under the circumstances.

Nice rhyme, G. Slides are the most common form of canine torture, I think. I used to take my dog Vegas.

That's the right word, Amoeba.