Tuesday, September 09, 2008


BARD, n.  A person who makes rhymes.  The word is one if the numerous aliases under which the poet seeks to veil his identity and escape opprobrium.

2008 Update:  Someone who writes prose not by ear but by nose, typing out prosaically what he hums o'er the keys.


Ariel the Thief said...

Your bard created your image in those times PR managers were not invented.

G said...

Does the bard use his nose or fingers to type?

Hobbes said...

Archaic bearer of culture. Replaced by the talking head, which has the improvement of commercial interruption.

the amoeba said...

BARD, n. One who composes despite prohibitions. See REFRAIN.

Adi said...

Bard: I always think of Shakespeare with the word 'bard.' Jim has his complete works, I read the pictures.

Bard: Did Shakespeare have a typewriter?
I know Dickens didn't, he hand wrote his. He had to supplemnet his living by 'writing law' for a law firm before typewriters and Mrs. Xerox's wonderful invention.

Bard: Spelled backwards is drab. ;-)
Thanks for your nice compliment this morning. Some say I'm photogenic. :-)

TLP said...

Ah so! You type with your nose. Well, you do pretty darn well. Your nose is normal-sized so typing with it can't be easy.

Bard: Douglas Pascover

karma said...

Sitting here with gin and lime
For apparently no reason or rhyme,
The words can come out
In a whisper or a shout
Not really knowing what the hell its all about.

And I can keep on and on venting,
But I'm bard from commenting

Bard: prevention of poets

djbuypm: the DJ buys drinks at night

Anonymous said...

sigh...TLP stole my definition. Wench.

Jamie Dawn said...

It's a boring sounding word.
It would be better if it was "bardiette" or "bardoir" or something like that.
Bard just kind of thuds when you say it.
Yep, it's dull.

Anonymous said...

Obit---for some folks its the first read of newspaper.....

actonbell said...

Yes, Doug, you are a Bard. Do your domestic partners inspire you? Did they have any part in that definition? Could a room full of sharp-nosed canines produce Shakespeare in a million years?

sauerkraut said...

Bard, n. Bob Dylan. Damned if I know what he's trying to communicate, tho.

heelp. no. seriously. in red letters, too.

tsduff said...

TLP took the cake. Well said. Hear Hear!

Hobbes said...

Is that why their noses are so often out of joint?

Doug said...

Ariel, you're right. "BARD" is English for "GRIOT."

g, you'd have to ask the bard. The blogger uses his thumbs.

Hobbes, you were channeling Bierce perfectly just there. Is a bear bard a beard?

Amoeba, we just need more prohibitions.

Adi, as far as I'm concerned you're a beauty. And less furry than Jim.

TLP, and you're a chimney, and no judge of noses.

Karma, you're the freest scribe,
Epistleizing to the tribe
Blogger will repent
The blocks we resent
But until then, maybe try a bribe.

Jenna, she can steal your smoke but never your fire.

Jamie Dawn, "Armageddon" gets drab if you say it enough.

Anonymous, just checking for my name.

Actonbell, I think a room full of sharp-nosed dogs could write the complete works of Shakespeare in five minutes.

Sauerkraut, I'm certain "Jokerman" is the greatest verse of the 20th Century and I have no idea what it's about.

Terry, I didn't get a slice!

Hobbes, that and because their noses are connected to their metaphors.