Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September song

The days are growing shorter
And the heat is not so cruel
Labor Day has come and gone
I've shelved my garden tools.
But the Autumn has its herald
As every other season,
Not colored leaves, nor horsemen,
Nor sextants, rhyme or reason.
For Autumn's unreliable
And the banner of its choosing:
Chicago's teams, still in first place,
Have finally started losing.

SLUMP, n.  Regression to the mean, submission to the dismal.


the 7th inning amoeba said...

But Doug! The Cubbies have a brand to protect! Who are people gonna love if Wrigley Field hangs a WS banner? Tampa Bay?!?

And the Sox need some viable excuse to dump Ozzie.

G said...

This may be time for me to jump on the bandwagon and root for the Mets.

slump: a case of bad posture all in the head.

TLP said...

Wonderful poem. I love autumn.

But why the long face? Both teams are still in first place.

Jim said...

Slump: Where have all the fellows gone? It's four-fifteen, they all must be in a blogging slump. Poor Doug, just three comments before I came.

Slump: At least I'm not in a batting slump, I don't slump. And don't go with girls that do.

Hobbes said...

When married to Julia, I submitted to the dismal, but I never regressed to the mean.

sauerkraut said...

slump, n. having to do with the strength and consistency of concrete. nothing batty about that.

Anonymous said...

slump is the feeling one gets when the sump pump fails---America the last eight years.................

tsduff said...

I much prefer your very great poem to the word of the day.

Slump: I'm in one.

Doug said...

Amoeba, Give me Guillen or give me guillotine!

G, does this look like a Mets club to you? Nary a fan hangs from the rafters by his own hand.

I know, TLP. You're a good blogmama. The Sox had a worse September in '05 after all.

Jim, every sailor needs a star to follow. May that be yours.

Hobbes, that sounds like a better than average marriage to me.

Apparently, Sauerkraut, nothing very pitchy about it either.

Anonymous, that's why we're all in the attic. Come on along.

Terry, a little carrion will have you good as new.

cooper said...

That was lovely.

I shelved my garden tools early, clearly a mistake given the abysmal garden I had this year.

I'll be back for the next one. I'm home today. In between papers and reading I try to get my clever on.

My clever is increasingly difficult to find.

Do you think it's a slump?

Doug said...

Cooper, we all have those. I find clever on your site.

Al said...

Great poem, Doug. Very funny. Just plain great.

Slump: A meritocracy based on acute mediocrity.