Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Prelude: Orion And The Hunters

TLP says she wants a story. Click on Orion to hear her blogson deliver.

Or click on the Milky Way to read.


TLP said...

Applause, Applause! Most excellent! I smiled all the way through it, and really did laugh out loud several times.

Thanks sonny!

G said...

Hahaha, good one. Now just when I held out hope that even you, Doug could be a slacker for one day - you shattered the whole illusion for me. Glad you listened to your Mama.

By the way, I also found the Tali the Dragonslayer story in my browsing about earlier. We enjoyed just as much this time around.

tsduff said...

The pictures of stars would have been enough to win praises... ahhh.

So we were all fortunate to hear a story within a story... Spartan indeed. Smart woman.

Pray tell, what purpose can there be in a chickenbather?

the amoeba said...

For God's sake don't tell this story in Honolulu! The last thing Hizzoner needs is any more ideas on how to secure his reelection ...

quilly said...

So begins another adventure in typical Doug fashion: well-started, laced with sparkle and wit, with many questions raised and none answered. A promising beginning, indeed.

cooper said...

I'm relieved to get to be able to smile today. Thanks Doug.

javajazz said...

what a kind soul you are.
a gifted writer and storyteller
who can always be relied upon
to consider his readers
before himself.

prelude. i like it.
thank you.

Ariel the Thief said...

This is a long one. But I read the comments!

Tom & Icy said...

I always wondered why those Greek men wore those little skirts back in the day.

Doug said...

You're welcome, blogmama!

G, obsessive compulsive disorder is a 25-hour a day job.

Terry, chicken lice can be costly.

Amoeba, it looks like he's lucky to be corrupt enough.

Quilly, I buy my glitter by the tub.

You bet, Cooper. Good luck at the seminar.

JJ, I'm counting on all of you to bury me.

Yeah, sorry, Ariel. My ESL instruction has some bumps in it still.

Because, they're funny, Icy. Like Master Tom.

javajazz said...

...hopefully not while
you're still breathing.

Doug said...

JJ, do I have to decide everything?

javajazz said...


Ariel the Thief said...

Karl May said, indians are burried sitting on their horses. He said nothing about cowboys.

TLP said...

You know that I have better things to do than keep checking to see if you've posted this morning, right?

Okay, I don't, but still.

Doug said...

Thank you for deciding that, JJ.

Ah, yes, Ariel. East Germany's greatest novelist of the western U.S. Cowboy's are usually buried under their office desks.

Sorry, TLP. Small inspiration deficit this morning. Well, small as compared to the usual inspiration deficit.

Ariel the Thief said...

That's because you probably quaffed your muse while trying to whisper your request in her ears again.

Jamie Dawn said...

I had to catch up on the weekend story that I missed.
You surprised me with that political ending.
Vote for Orion!!
Also, I had no idea that rabbits could commit sins.
I'm wondering what those sins are...
maybe too much procreating when there's not enough carrots to go around.