Monday, September 22, 2008


LAY-FIGURE, n. The number which represents a hen's periodical output of eggs.

2008 Update: A member of the laity, as opposed to the lieity.

Note to Jenn, Karma and TLP: I'll take the thought that came second.


karma said...

*cluck cluck*

I am Numero Uno

javajazz said...

well, it IS rather difficult
to discard the first thought...

i'm just a Lay-Person now...
figure's gone.

Jim said...

Lay-figure: Now you go figure. My lay-figure is almost alive. She winked at me the other day, I'm sure. I winked back, then she smiled.
Could this be the beginning of something new! Perhaps a new Mona Lisa in the bud?
Oh I hope so, she's so nice. I think she deserves the publicity.
Now one question, should I keep her identity a secret or tell the world? Mr. da Vinci died with his little secret.
We shall see, in the meantime I'll keep on with the painting.

Lay-figure: Noun -- 1. an artist's jointed dummy. Mine is the blow up model.

TLP said...

LOL. Well, heck.

Auguste Rodin's lesser known work of a woman on the beach trying to think.

the amoeba said...

LAY-FIGURE, n. A critic magnet: "Are you going to lie down for that?" Heard most frequently in connection with adolescent romances.

Logophile said...

What I would vastly prefer to be, in that I would gladly return to bed.

Anonymous said...

Gee what are you implying about us???

weirsdo said...

Number of people misusing various tenses of "lie" and "lay"?

TLP said...

My oldest sister, Mary, used to correct me when I confused "lie" and "lay" by saying, "Hens lay, people lie." Boy she was right about that last part.

Ariel the Thief said...

Doesn't a second thought in this context counts as necrophobia?

Jamie Dawn said...

Lay-Figure: strange, strange word for today.


My quick wit fails me.
I cannot think of anything to write.
I need a double-double to clear my mind.

actonbell said...

I definitely wanted to stay in bed this morning. Sign me up.

tsduff said...

Chicky lays approximately 1 nice extra large brown egg every other day. That is enough for us.

karma said...

the eggs got laid. so did the chicken. that's why it crossed the road.

i guess the chicken came first

sxbdwqc: sex borders on the whacky

Anonymous said...

if members of some religions had remained lay priests,the intermingling with lay figures and resulting "lie-ity",would have not upset much of the laity..(why does GOP,come to mind).........Peace Always

cooper said...

Used to paint using lay figures, then I graduated to male nudes. That was much more satisfying..

Or my old boyfriends father, he was a Deacon because he had 5 kids and couldn't be a priest.

Ariel the Thief said...

Male nudes can be funny. The fig-leaves in old paintings are there to hide it.

A cousin of mine reached up to take the balloon of a child off the lower limbs of a tree, a cigar was hanging between his lips, he kept his left eye open because of the smoke, and his loose jeans showed his navel and a little lower as he was streching for the balloon. What a beautiful young man. I was too slow with the camera.

Indeterminacy said...

Lay figure: the amount of money you have to lay out for something you have nothing whatsoever to do with.

Doug said...

Prima Karma.

JJ, if only we thought of figure first huh?

Pygmalion, carve!

TLP, see how witty you are on second thought?

Amoeba, I'd almost forget about adolescent romances if I ever knew about them.

Logo, blogging almost counts.

Nothing you're denying, Jenn.

In my defense, Weirsdo, those words are almost four letters apiece.

Sure was, TLP. Hens laying is a lot less reliable.

I'd like to think so, Ariel.

Coming right up, JD.

Actonbell, just put a stack of money on your nightstand and work from home.

Terry, that's the output slightly better than chicken soup.

Nice routine, Karma. No need for a day job.

Because you perseverate, Bear.

Cooper, would there be any art at all but for shyness?

Ariel, there are few regrets in life like a slow snapshot.

Indy, that's turning out to be a pretty healthy sum on this side of the Atlantic.