Saturday, September 27, 2008


OK, today's post will go up later, maybe around 7PM TLPDT.


cooper said...

So I'm not really first?

TLP said...

No Cooper. That doesn't count. Mama said.

Doug, you could at least give us the sorry excuse. Just sayin'.

Doug said...

Cooper, I think you're first here.

Blogmama, the sorry excuse is I'm tired and the blank document beat me up and broke my fingers.

javajazz said...

thank goodness, finally,
he's human...!
enjoy a restful day...

actonbell said...

I get more time to get caught up:)

Have a great relaxing day. It's raining here, but I done got enough sleep.

Tom & Icy said...

You get miffed when you go muff-diving and end up with a dirty Sanchez (that's poopy on your upper lip).

G said...

Someones got a case of the grumpies :) Smiling with you, not at ya.

Hey, now I can go see what I missed.

Doug said...

Thanks, JJ. More ursine but I appreciate the thought.

Must be nice, Actonbell. Still waiting for autumn out here.

I remember what that is, Icy, from Waking Lula.


javajazz said...

interesting perception of self,
ursine Dog.
i've known a few humans
who were more akin
to the animal kingdom
than the human one.
its all good.

Ariel the Thief said...

"Labels: Sorry excuses" LOL!!!!

amhsirak rian said...

same as ariel!
That is one hilarious label Doug

Doug said...

Thanks, JJ. Count me among them.

Well, Ariel, self-awareness is the last virtue to rot.

Amshirak, it was all I had for funny yesterday morning.