Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Re The Environment

Yesterday I crossed the high Sierra.
The changes there would really scare ya:
Glaciers gone, Pines grown thin,
The only chill ran down my skin.
I've got no answer, though I meant to-
Is it just too close to Sacramento?

VAPOR, n. The substance of matter, a matter of substance.


Hobbes said...

Vaporize: v. To spout hot air in the direction of one's opponents in the descending handbasket.

amhsirak rian said...

vaporize- What a woman can do with her look ...

Jim said...

Vapor: Welcome to Syros and Vaporia exclusive suites

VAPORIA is your own place of privacy; your second home.... here in Greece, on Syros island.

VAPORIA is an excellent building, recently built in neoclassical style, located in the famous Vaporia area of Hermoupolis, which consists of elegant, luxurious and sunny studios for 2 persons.

Vapor: Sorry 'bout the glaciers and all. Is this 3008?

Vapor: I like your poem but it's a little scary.

Ariel the Thief said...

This is a hilarious rhyme, "meant to" and "Sacramento". Some people are killed for less, hehe...

TLP said...

Gas of a poem.

Tom & Icy said...

humans are but a fart in a rose garden

Jamie Dawn said...

I like my vapors to have some eucalyptus in them.
I once went to a spa where the steam room had eucalyptus vapors. It was divine and glorious and very non-hitonious. It opened up the lungs and invigorated the entire being. I don't know how they did that without those steam vapors burning the eyes.
It was a miracle.

the amoeba said...

Actually, JD, eucalyptus vapors are Australian. Except for the steam part. There isn't enough water on the Australian continent to raise any steam. This is how Australians have come to be known for their dry wit. Eucalyptus in the vapors (all day, every day) may not be hitonious, but eucalyptus in the butter comes close.

Doug? A month ago, the Governator thought he had a budget crisis. Now? I'm surprised the Sierra Nevada are still standing. Those ain't vapors, that's a hurricane. No, wait, that was Houston, wasn't it ...?

actonbell said...

Nice poem, great definition:)

I can think of some things that I'd like to see vaporize.

cooper said...

Loved the rhyme and coinciding definition.

Vapor - I always think of that cat urine smell which emanates from the English Boxwood's.

Minka said...

"Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy" -Kafka-


TLP said...

You're actually working at work these days, huh? The good old days went up in smoke I guess.

Doug said...

Hobbes, or the opponents across it.

Amshirak, you are good at this game. And, probably, that one.

Jim, when I lived near the Nevada border, one way you marked the seasons was watching the giant glaciers on the crest of the sierra grow in autumn and shrink in summer. Those same glaciers have vanished 20 years later. It is a little scary. Where is that resort in Greece?

As a favor, Ariel, and out of kindness.

Thanks, TLP. If there's one things I have these days, it' mind.

Icy, I prefer to think of myself as a thorn.

Amen, JD. You'd have been Queen of the Kookaburra.

Amoeba, the incapacity of California's legislature would bring down a mountain if there were the least bit of gravity in it.

Actonbell, a lot of those things seem to be evaporating ahead of me.

Cooper, that might be the loveliest image of stank ever. If there's a mark of poetry, that must be it.

Perfect quote, Minka. Cheers to you.

TLP, I'm well and truly swamped these days. I wish I knew someone retired who could answer comments for me.