Saturday, September 13, 2008


OK, so remember how last week, I said I wasn't sure what kind of story, if any, would appear here? Yeah, still don't. I'll think about it while my father tell's me about his week and get back to you later. In the meanwhile, if you would like to download the collected cantos in one PDF document, they are here.

There will, of course, be CDs to send out of The Unionville Chronicles, as there were with The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. I've switched computers since then, though, so if you sent me an address to mail the last CD to, I need it again for this one. Email me at my first initial followed by my last name at (I do understand internet privacy concerns and, again, I am not offended by receiving general delivery, office or stranger's addresses.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Saturday.


tsduff said...

Um - is it Saturday? I hadn't noticed.

I'll just replay a canto from a few weeks ago - it will make the day better. Thanks for all those stories. Have a happy walk with Dad and the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Um Um good,like that "good and plenty".....Um,wow...second thought of the day,as you are really always the first,which then gives my brain a kick-start for the day,Thank-You...PEACE

the amoeba said...

Um ... is there something more about this Buddhism thing that you need to tell us?

Enjoy your weekend. You've earned one off. Cantoing is hard work - y'know, going against the essence of can(')t and all that.

javajazz said...

funny, i was thinking
the word of the day

thank you again for all your
very consistent creative writings.
its very Zen-like
to give yourself space
to gravitate to your
next project.
not that i really know
what Zen-like means.

Ariel the Thief said...

Um, all those surprised strangers...

TLP said...

Oh, boo. I've had a couple of better days than this one and I wanted to hear a story. *sigh

OH! I'll just listen to my Diogenes CD. She said smugly.

Doug said...

Thanks, Terry. Everyday is Saturday now, isn't it?

Pleasure, Bear.

Thank you, Amoeba. I felt kind of bad about taking this week off, but on my hike I had a low effort idea. I should have something to post about the time you have lunch, if you're interested.

Apparently neither do I, JJ.

Yeah, Ariel! Like I didn't tell anybody!

OK, TLP, check back after supper.

G said...

I remember when I first came here on a weekend - was there a story or a song with perhaps a desert picture? I forget now but Julian loved it.

Anyway, enjoy your hike!

G said...

I found it - May 20, 2006! I have a good memory as there was indeed a desert picture attached to the post. You told a story about being in Deep Springs, then had a little photo montage set to music. I remember Julian having me replay that quite a few times.

Nice looking back at some of your "old stuff."

quilly said...

I approve and applaud your day off! Enjoy it.

Doug said...

Great memory, G.

Thanks, Quilly, that was Christian of you. Sadly, TLP's Unitarian.

Tom & Icy said...

I am really impressed. You are an amazing guy. You get quite a response from just saying 'um'. You should run for political office.

Doug said...

Icy, it's nice to be so impressive people blow smoke up your butt, isn't it?

weirsdo said...

I was going to say that maybe a more rounded vowel like "Om" would be better after "Buddhism," but Amoeba beat me to that one.

Doug said...

What is time, Weirsdo?

Doug said...

What is time, Weirsdo?