Thursday, September 18, 2008


QUENCHABLE, adj.  A bum's ambition.

2008 Update:  Thirsty.


Omnipotent Poobah said...

quenchable - A state reached only after drinking of quaffable libations.

quilly said...


I licked a label
For my letter to Mabel
While sitting at the table
Watching cable
And now have a thirst unQUENCHABLE.

Moral: Use email has no lick-able labels; AND - not all poetry scans, get over it.

Anonymous said...

it is possible to extinguish the wall street fire sales...but the greed and lack of forethought is a unquenchable human trait of many,thankfully NOT ALL...Peace and Prosperity......?is it patriotic to bet "short" on the us treasury or any other type of American financial instrument?....May your day be filled with positive thought!!!!!!

the amoeba said...

Just so long as it doesn't scam, Quilly. Speaking of which ...

I just heard the sorry news that the wealth of the Fortune 400 is stagnating. Which will slash donations to worthy causes (no wonder NPR is worries about this). Thus we see on what basis the aspirations of We the People are quenchable - feed the megarich, or else.

tsduff said...

Anyone for a nice walk in the park? How about along the lake, where I may quench my thirst for peace and calm, amidst this chaotic and panic-inducing unrest on the national financial front?

Jamie Dawn said...

Quenchable: able to be quenched.

My brilliance astounds me.


Sweet tea on a hot summer day can really quench one's thirst.

Ariel the Thief said...

Pretty word! Do you use it?

Jim said...

Quentiable: A misspelling of quenchable. [Google says, "Did you mean: Questionable"]

Quenchable: A little if ever used word beginning with the letter "Q."

Quenchable: A word not in the Wike Answers listing of permissible Scrabble words. You could add it?
Quenchable: A ten letter word worth 26 points in the 'Scrabble Word Lookup' Web site.

Quenchable: Becomes moot when unquenchable desires are in question.

Quenchable: This word must be quenchable in itself because my desire to be witty here has been quenched today.

TLP said...

Describing an itch that you can scratch.

Anonymous said...

an unquenchable enthusiasm to visit this blog site............ :-)

Ariel the Thief said...

Wow TLP! Your definition is the best.

Indeterminacy said...

Quenchable: the desire for oblivion.

Doug said...

Poobah, and a necessary one to really enjoy coffee.

Quilly, I got over it when first I started trying to rhyme. Nice job, though.

Patriotism being the last refuge of the scoundrel, Bear, I think shorting the Treasury is exactly what a patriot would do.

Amoeba, should I drop off a casserole?

Terry, I have learned better by your example than to walk among crows by a lake.

J.D., we are now down to the words weaker than southern tea.

You bet, Ariel. For almost 24 hours now.

Jim, if I can't trust Bierce for scrabble, what am I doing here?

It's funny, TLP, but all the scratchable itches seem to come through the throat.

Welcome or welcome back, anonymous.

Ariel, I come from smart blogstock, don't I? Wonder what went wrong.

Good definition, Indie. Thank you for bringing Europe back.

cooper said...

Sounds kind of like being called easy to me.