Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Mayoralty of Macedon

Episode I
To listen, click on Herodotus, this week's moderator.

Or flip a Macedonian coin to read this story.


TLP said...

Sooooo funny! Ya done good. Worth waiting for.

It's damn damp here too.

Hobbes said...

Where's Annie/Herbert Hoover, to sing, "The sun'll come out--tomorrow"?

the amoeba said...

would you rather have a folksinger or a
hunter to turn back the weather?

The people of Macedon are doomed, I tell you. Doomed!! What was that, Sarah?

Tom & Icy said...

Do the candidates for vice-mayor debate next?

actonbell said...

Hey, this is a little depressing, but funny, too:)

cooper said...

That was lovely, and yes depressing. But I have surfed all day and nothing can bring me down, at least for a few hours.

Actually song has worked historically to both call up rain and end it, dead deer, easily rots and quickly becomes inedible with the edible part given only to the chosen few, so the folk song wins.;)

Doug said...

TLP, remember to wring your sheep.

Hobbes, wasn't that FDR?

Amoeba, if only there were a botanist in the race.

Icy, I imagine Teiresias and Artemis will clash next Saturday, but let's see what the week brings.

Actonbell, caffeine does that.

Cooper, I had a feeling you'd come done on that side.

Jamie Dawn said...

It seems I've recently heard talk such as this.
Now, where did I hear it?

Very timely tale, Douglas.

My favorite line is this one:
Teiresias prophesied at length a damp dawn.

I hate for people to tell me stuff I already know and act as if it's the first time anyone has ever said it.

Indeterminacy said...

This is something like a fireside chat. And good enough to write in stone.