Saturday, September 20, 2008

Orpheus And The Blind Prophet

The Mayoralty of Macedon
Second Prelude. Click on Lyra to listen.

Or take a trip across the styx with Orpheus' lyre and your mouse's clicks.


Anonymous said...

oh,and how often history repeats itself..........Peace,itself shall only remain a dream of the few :-)

TLP said...

Magnificent writing and splendid reading!

You've outdone yourself. I wonder if that can harm your health?

(I heard my ping. Made me smile.)

tsduff said...

How I would love to see (and hear) the event of Orpheus causing all the birds & rocks, trees and people following along in wake of his strumming...

Your imagination knows no bounds Doug. The picture (you know how I am with pictures) of the Styx stole the show.

Jamie Dawn said...

"Teiresias was glad to see Orpheus."
I thought Teiresias was blind, but don't let me nitpick.
Terrific tale! I love the part about Orpheus not being comfy around strong women. I guess he wouldn't be after what what Hera did to him. I hope being female wasn't too horrible a thing to endure.

Doug said...

Bear, history repeats itself more than the future.

TLP, I think I sprained my groin.

Terry, the dancing trees and rocks are from the original mythology. It's my memory, not my imagination that's boundless. Thanks, though.

Gosh, Jamie Dawn, now I sort of wish I'd edited. Very good editing! As for Teiresias, apparently it wasn't bad. Teiresias settled a bet between Zeus and Hera by explaining that women get ten times as much pleasure from sex as men do. Hera got so mad that he'd let out the secret that she punished him again. I don't remember how that time but I bet it wasn't by turning him back into a woman.

javajazz said...

what a wonderfully animated reading!
(i even liked the sound
of your ping).

cooper said...

How long can you keep topping yourself I wonder?

That was wonderful. What I would do should you lay down your pen, so to speak, I just don't know.

Doug said...

Thanks, JJ. It was recorded in CGI.

Thanks, Cooper. If this had been written in pen you couldn't read it anyway.

tsduff said...

ha ha ha ha (how does one sprain one's groin?)

Ariel the Thief said...

Terry, you mean the stories written in pencil?