Monday, June 01, 2009


A savage beast which, when it sleeps,
Man girds at and despises,
But takes himself away by leaps
And bounds when it arises.
—Ambat Delaso
2009 Update: A threat to life, liberty, property, profession, pomposity, prediction, conviction, confection, convention, invention, intention, election, insurrection, the resurrection, or the prosperity of a kept canary.


Nick Amoeba said...

First! I'll have a pizza to go, and no anchovies.

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!! I can't think of danger this early on a Monday morning.

Jim said...

Rabbit, rabbit!!

where hunters lurk
hairy rabbits
cute little things
in danger big


tsduff said...

Danger: The most uttered word by the Robot in the tv series "Lost in Space"

"His middle name is danger"

tsduff said...

Oh, and Rabbit Rabbit.

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit. Good update.

Danger...Something that Maxwell Smart was always in...and loving it! Would you believe...Ooops. Can't hear anything else because someone activated the Cone of Silence. Danger is afoot.

pia said...

Rabbit Rabbit. Are you keeping a canary as a mistress? Well somebody had to ask; tis not danger I seek but...

Comfort Addict said...

Danger. A dread diminished by distance (run away, run away!).

Tom & Icy said...

The resurrection of a cat is your next meal at the Fu King restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Danger is ever present
getting in your car
being admitted to a hospital
certain neighborhoods ,globally
lost hope and direction
oh,yes virgina there is danger
but there is also a world of
go forth,Dream/roar-the world needs You

rabbit rabbit bless bless

sauerkraut said...

oh shucks... but reminds me.

What ever happened to Will Robinson?

Danger: what was felt in a church in Kansas yesterday.

cooper said...

Danger: A thrill gone wrong.

Jim said...

I'd like to know what became of Will Robinson too; also my other friend, Bill Robinson.

Bill and I had a modified stock (racing) car back in another life. It was a 1934 Ford coupe, No. 88, a baby blue beauty! We lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, then and raced the car at the Capital Beach Motor Speedway.

Bill, I hear, was racing later someplace up in Chicago. He raced midget cars before I knew him. I was drafted and never saw them again.

Will I never saw again either. He worked for the company (a sponsor) that kept our car painted pretty and furnished all the tires we needed.
Sauerkraut, it is nice to know that we had a mutual friend.

Ariel the Thief said...

What, no threat of meat, Pascover?

Doug said...

OK, Amoeba. I'll pocket the anchovies.

I know what you mean, Actonbell. The danger is sort of ambient on a Monday morning.

By hunters, you mean beagles, Jim?

Gosh, Terry. I only just now realized how fey "his middle name is Stephen" actually sounds.

Mm mmm M MmM, TLP.

Pia, nobody had to ask that and you know it. Funny that you did, though.

CA, you're sure hoping that's so, I imagine.

Icy, I'll have the beef with broccoli.

Bear, I prefer to growl. Is that alright?

Very good, Cooper.

Sauerkraut, that was no new danger.

Jim, the Bill Robinson I know is doing the soft shoe on a hard cloud.

No, Ariel, that's a famine.

Ariel the Thief said...

Famine is the most dangerous stuff, ever.

sauerkraut said...

hahaha, Jim.

Will Robinson leaves down the road from me.

Nessa said...

Danger: The spur to action.

weirsdo said...

I think we get two literary works for the post of one here. The poem and list are both great.

Doug said...

Ariel, I happen to agree.

Sauerkraut, above or below the road?

The last one, I think, Nessa.

Thanks, W.