Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Fünf-und-Zwanzig
To hear this week's episode read by Barbara Bava (Mütti,) click on the camel.

To read this week's episode, fall with Icarus.

The story so far is here.


Nessa said...

Mütti reads so beautifully and in fine voice. Frau Braun on the other hand is finally speechless.

TLP said...

Mütti, you have a very nice voice and gave a lovely reading.

Doug, the prose in this segment is wonderful.

cooper said...

This was one of my favorite segments.

The last line a nice understatement.

actonbell said...

Very nice reading, Mütti! And great writing, too. (I had two installments to read today, both very enjoyable)

Doug said...

'Bout time, huh, Nessa?

Thanks, TLP, on behalf of mom and I.

I never have any idea, Cooper. Thanks.

Kind of toured my family today, then, A-bell. Thank you.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well done!!
I am cracking up imagining Frau Braun dropping like a fly TWICE! Oh the joy! And I'm sure she causes quite a thud upon impact. Herr Braun has an unusually heavy ball and chain with that beast of a wife. Maybe she will faint and stay down next time for good. Her tombstone can read "Here lies a hag."

Minka said...

Yes, that is indeed a lovely voice reading this segment. Well done and thumbs up to your Mom.
I must say...I am impressed with the German in this circle of friends :)
Julia has guts stopping a tornado like Frau Braun...but I guess she will be up and about in no time, the righteous never sleep!
How you managed to invent a Camel into reforming Wolfshausen, I will never know :)

p.s Do insert "finger" where it belongs :)

Doug said...

JD, Frau Braun is no Merle!

Minka, there is no reform without camels, I'm sure! (Finger?)

Doug said...

You have a good eye for accusations, Minka. It's corrected, thank you.

Minka said...

did I not say, "the righteous never saleep" I meant every word :)

Doug said...

Well, you spelled it differently but yes, I had fair warning.