Thursday, June 04, 2009


DEMONOMANIA, n. A condition of the mind in which the patient fondly imagines himself acting under the authority of the devil, and is just too proud for anything.

2009 Update: A psychiatric condition which causes in the sufferer the delusion of external control by infernal agents, rather than by self-delusion.  See also CALVINISM, POPULISM.


TLP said...

You act as if it's a bad thing.

DEMONOMANIA: More fun than a human being should be allowed to have.

DEMONOMANIA: What young girls have for Robert Pattison.

Mo'a said...

As in "The devil made me do it"

DEMONOMANIA: A condition politicians and artists use as an excuse...or so I have been told.

Jim said...

Demonomania: Oh hide quick! Those dastardly beings are here again!

Jamie Dawn said...

Demonomania: The overwhelming desire to eat souls.

Willie's place of birth was Macon. He's a good, southern doggie. I bet he's very polite.

Doug said...

TLP, who is Robert Pattison?

Mo'a, politicians are more likely to use the excuse that heaven sent them with specific instructions.

Jim, Adi can defend you.

JD, he's a perfect little gentleman. Walela's a hillbilly from the Blue Ridge Mountains, but with airs.

quilly said...

The voices in my head told me not to comment on this.

karen said...

Doug is confused. Walela is no Blue Ridge hillbilly. She is Queen of the Wolves and sips the blood-dimmed tide.

Anonymous said...

if i gulp
pure lemon juice
it shorts out
my tooth fillings
and i hear
radio free mars

TLP said...

Ha ha. Who is Robert Pattison. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Doug's Dad sez Karen is correct. What you thinking Doug

Doug said...

Quilly, I'm sure Amoeba is glad you're still not listening to them either.

Right you are, Karen, and welcome. You're the second of your tribe to ever leave a comment here.

Bear, before you lost the tooth, which planet did you hear?

TLP, I googled in the meanwhile. Cedric Digory, really?

Pop, even born to royalty that dog's above her raising.

Karen said...

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