Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spoiling the saga

Adventures and epics that fit in your hand,
And twitter wherever reporting is banned;
Tales of today without brave knights or damsels,
Told by bloggers wherever the newscasts are cancelled;

My fear for the future is how can it be
When the present's apparent to all who would see?
For mythos and legend and tales to persist,
A few foggy memories need to exist.

If the Persians had cell phones and YouTube to play
In her time, Shahrazade would have lived just the day.
-Teiresias Jenkins
LEGEND, n. An enchantment cast on the forgetful by the forgotten.
Note to Cooper: I'm following Iran on Andrew Sullivan's blog and wondering if dropping crates of cell phones into Darfur wouldn't have saved more grief than every other intervention proposed.

Update to tweeters. I don't know how (exactly) you got here, but welcome.


Jamie Dawn said...

A legend before his time...
A legend in his mind...

As for all the Iran revolution, post-election news, I've been out to lunch on that. I've not watched more than a snippet of news over the past several days.

Doug, you are a blogging legend already. History books will tell the tale, as well as stories of your writings spread by word of mouth passed on to future generations. Who WAS this man of words?? Is it true he wrote of pig women and naked Greeks?! Did he really enjoy looking at photos of people's shoes? Were his dogs shape shifters who spoke several languages? Did he get inspiration while sitting in a holy place called Chandra?

Hope you have a good day.


Mo'a said...

I was hoping to plant a the flag today...seeing that it is Iceland's Independence day and all.
Legend: Few become legends in their own time...I know trite but that is all I could come up with.
About Iran...I have been following it on the BBC and Public Radio...and I think of MizBohemia.

Ariel the Thief said...

Blogging legend, wow Jamie, I like it! He has the size, huh?

Nessa said...

Happy Independence Day, Mo'a.

No time for legends anymore, only brief sensations.

Karen said...

2009 Update: LEGEND, n. A day without Doug can not be forgotten, by the forgetful, irregardless of turmoil in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine or Israel.

weirsdo said...

The memories aren't just foggy anymore: we're so absorbed in the present that the past has been virtually deleted.

actonbell said...

Wow, I'm impressed, Doug.

TLP said...

LEGEND: an old rumor

Very good writing today. You rock.

Doug said...

JD, after a comment like that, a good day seems like too little to wish for. May your initials drift away on the last man's dying breath.

Happy independence day, Mo'a. It wouldn't be fair if we all thought of Miz B during the great events of the past week and only remember you for Kreppa.

Haha, Ariel. Doug the Broad?

So it is, Nessa. Once the dream, now the tickle.

In the end, Karen, what is a nation but a word with satire?

I don't even recall when it happened, Weirsdo.

And easily so, Actonbell, bless your heart.

Thanks, TLP. I never thought of what gossip grows up to be.

Cooper said...

Definitely the way to go.
It also help many people in underdeveloped countries better able to communicate with each other, allowS them to educate each other in was they have not been able to before.

Doug said...

Thanks for that link, Coop. I might have to figure out how to help.

Cooper said...

That is a lovely poem.

This should be shared on twitter. ;)

you are related in a way...Shahrazade and all.

Doug said...

Thanks, Coop. That was nice and a lot of twitterati followed your suggestion.

Flip said...

Karen, oooh! That was acidic! I like it.

Doug said...

Flip, I had a similar thought.