Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Drei-und-Zwanzig
To hear TLP read this week's episode, settle down and click on the Hindenburg.

To read this week's episode, click on the lightning.
The story so far is available here.

This week in The Prattler, Active Restraint


TLP said...

What??? No one has stopped by to listen to me? Well! I never.

Great writing Doug. Good enough reading me.

Anonymous said...

very nice write/reading
the anti-christ
of some dogma
nice pics today

the amoeba said...

Oh, the humanity ...!

Nice work, folks.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL TLP! I am sleepy as hell but will come back for you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Doug's dad Sez: Excellent reading by my son's blog momma. A little too convincing as the shrewish Frau Braun, perhaps, but excellent

Jamie Dawn said...

Both Frau Braun and Gretchen have moxy, but I like Gretchen's style best.
Such a hard choice for Deitrich...
Frau Braun's plans for him...
or the chance for another smooch with Gretchen???


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm on my computer without working speakers. I have to plug in speakers in order to listen. I did not hear Minka last week or TLP this week, but I'm sure they both did a marvelous job. They always have before.


actonbell said...

What a wonderfully-inspired reading, TLP! And the story continues to be great, Doug:)

Fred said...

Great job, TLP. What a nice surprise.

Oh, and you did a good job too, Doug. :)

Doug said...

TLP, when I was putting up the post, it occurred to me you always comment first on Saturdays. I wondered what would happen. It was a great reading, by the way and thank you.

Thanks, Bear. I was thinking "peace."

Thank you, Amoeba.

Ariel, hopefully TLP will find your comment on Doug Drones On.

Isn't that your type, Pop?

JD, It's worth hearing TLP pretend to be an irascible older woman. Such range!

Thanks, A-bell.

Fred, she did do great, didn't she? (s'alright)

Nessa said...

TLP: A very fun and spirited reading of the story.

Doug: Funny episode - farcical.

I used to live in Lakehurst.

cooper said...

wife of no man, mother of piglets

that she didn't understand the compliment of that is so fitting with the character

Anonymous said...

Doug's Dad says:

Doug, as usual you are right.

TLP, nicely done

Doug said...

Nessa, I had no idea what Lakehurst meant. Oh, the humanity!

I agree, Cooper. A person should not hurl too many insults, lest they be received as compliments.

Pop, I kind of thought so.