Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two Limericks

Throughout our long suffering nation,
A mob (or grassroots delegation)
Sets out from their porches
With pitchforks and torches
To demand suffrage and strong regulation.

Let our voices forever ring out,
Whatever the scoundrels bring out
For circus and bread
May go to our head
But it goes on the blog when we pout.

LIBERAL, adj. Objecting to selected arbitrary constraints.


Jim said...

Good Morning, Doug. I always wondered what those guys did with their pitchforks, they spear bread crumbs. Now I know. (I already knew the torch part.)
I am not going there (??) on the 'liberal' bit.

TLP said...

Conservative: Objecting to everything, especially if it's fun or feels good.

Nessa said...

Amendantment to TLP's definition, adding - and then they do the fun, feel good stuff in secret.

Doug, you know i love me some limericks, even when they are political statements. Yours are excellent, as usual.

Liberal: Robin Hood of political ideals.

actonbell said...

Great limerick, Doug! Great use of circus and bread. It's become expected, though--how do you do without?

atiatici--pretty tricky

Tom & Icy said...

getting your way and lead you astray

Anonymous said...

a liberal dose of
common sense
not a liberal
spread of deregulation
is long over due
both neo-libs and neo-cons
believe government should
court their ideas,only,
with the crumbs
filtering to the

Verif..later(see you later alligator)


quilly said...

LIBERAL adj. a fence used to constrain free thought. It encompasses a broader range than the CONSERVATIVE fence, but is still almost impossible to scale.

Karen said...

No pouting allowed ... pitchforks only.

Jamie Dawn said...

Liberal: Desiring bigger government when a Democrat is in office and smaller government when a Republican is in office.

cooper said...

liberal: More concerned with social justice than economic freedom, and expects the same of their government. But as per Bertrand Russel their opinions are not held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a willingness to hear contrary evidence,even if it means abandoning those opinions, should that evidence suggest it is in the best interest of progress.

Doug said...

Jim, very restrained of you.

TLP, I think you left out "to someone else."

Right, Nessa. Men in tights.

Actonbell, I don't do without as much as you might think.


Peace, bear. Both the neocons and neolibs think they are the masses, and their only wrong by an article or a letter or so.

Nice, Quilldancer.

Karen, that's some sentiment from the visitor's bureau.

So, JD, the opposite of a conservative?

Cooper, that sounds a little like The Oxherding Tale. The goal of the progress to which the opinions may be diverted is debatable, I guess. Liberty by perplexion.

Anonymous said...

funny in this country(usa)liberal is thought to imply tax and spend---in other countries liberal can mean, no government regs(iceland)...for us a nod of the head up and down signs a yes--for some countries the same nod is a all countries
the one with the guns and gold
is charge..Good Morning Doug !!!

Doug said...

You're right, Bear, and good morning. My homie, Milton Friedman, used to consider it flattering that the people who most despised him for his liberalism called themselves liberals.