Thursday, June 11, 2009

Table D'Hote

TABLE D'HOTE, n. A caterer's thrifty concession to the universal passion for irresponsibility.
Old Paunchinello, freshly wed,
Took Madam P. to table,
And there deliriously fed
As fast as he was able.

"I dote upon good grub," he cried,
Intent upon its throatage.
"Ah, yes," said the neglected bride,
"You're in your table d'hotage."
—Associated Poets
2009 Update: A menu with limited choices and a fixed price, which can be a bargain if the choices are different and the price fair- two unlikely conditions beneath a French title in an American restaurant.


Nessa said...

Breakfast at McDonald's.

Jim said...

Table D'Hôte: Not necessarily a good choice for Americans in Paris.
À la carte is better unless one is really hungry. Mrs. Jim has appetizers, I have an entree, and we go down the street much later for desert.
We share every single item half and half. That gives us half the fare (if we want those selections) at half the price, or less. The servings are much larger than one expects in the U.S.
MacDonald's in Paris stinks. One good thing though, if you want, they serve beer and wine. No senior prices or drinks there, sorry. It doesn't hurt to ask everywhere.

Tom & Icy said...

Hog trough

Karen said...

Epcot Center's French pavilion has an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

Anonymous said...

the state house and the steak house
are so much the same
one has to have many a menu item
to appeal to the masses
yet it is a few of the items
that are the bulk of the order-
however there is still need
to maintain all menu items
for the public demands
solution at steak house is
portion control(weighted out,for some before cooked/others after cooked)..
at the state house ,
your guess is as goood as mine

quilly said...

From some reason I hear my grandmother's voice saying, "Well, if you don't want that for dinner, you're free to go hungry."

TLP said...


cooper said...

I think that is a name of a restaurant I went to when I lived in NY. Maybe not.

Aren't most menus limited to some degree, as well as fixed in price?

Mine is yogurt, tofu and cucumbers. The price varies according to the market though.

sauerkraut said...

A rabbit by any other name still tastes like chicken.

Jamie Dawn said...

As a doter of good grub myself, I don't mind few choices if they are quite yummy and leave me enough money to go out for ice cream afterwards.

Having fun with my dad each day. Computer time has been quite limited which has been a-okay with me.
Hope you're doing well these days and enjoying good grub on a regular basis. Bad grub is not at all enjoyable.

Doug said...

Mais oui, Nessa.

Good to have an indigenous tourist for a guide, Jim. I suppose if I ask everywhere for senior discounts, I'll qualify by the time I find one in Paris.

Mmmm. Hog.

But of course, Karen. Are you plumping for Orlando, too?

Bear, I'm all in favor of portion control at the state house, and bite-sized chunks.

Quilly, mine usually says "cannibalism isn't such a crime."

Right, TLP. If you're lucky enough to have a prix-fixe mortgage.

And the garden, Cooper? You make an interesting point, though. What if restaurants used silent auction?

Haha, saurkraut, and at any price.

JD, I never eat poorly as long as I eat enough. Enjoy your dad time, we should be here when you get the chance.

weirsdo said...

A long time ago, when the dollar was high, I had a great time taking a French family who were hosting me to Le Bristol for a wonderful prix fixe menu--marred only by some Germans who dared to come into the French restaurant with the English hunting decor and order beer.

Doug said...

Liebe Gott, Weirsdo! I mean, Sacre bleu!