Thursday, June 18, 2009


FORTUNE-HUNTER, n. A man without wealth whom a rich woman catches and marries within an inch of his life.

2009 Update: The goblin most feared by penniless romantics. As do CORSAIR, HIGHWAYMAN, and ACTIVIST, the word credits a whiff of dash to the common criminal, which phrase diminishes the typical fellow's individuality and pursuit of respectability.


karma said...

first hunter

ixest: i am, therefore

Nessa said...

Every time I buy my lottery tickets.

I love your update.

TLP said...

Fortune-hunter: Miner for a heart of gold. Also known as a gold digger.

Jim said...

Fortune-Hunter: I've been married too long to start stuff like that. Besides I don't hunt foxes and the like. I sympathize with PETA except I have swatted a few flies.

But it would be nice to be a sugar daddy. Or would it?

pia said...

Most of us now. Though not in the find a rich spouse sense

I like your definition. Those goblins reduced me to fortune hunting. But finding seashells on the beach will never add to my material wealth unless I do something to them

And them goblins should be hanged said she who hates the death penalty

Tom & Icy said...

If only Willie could smell gold.

Jamie Dawn said...

Me when I visit the Crater of Diamonds state park here in AR.


If I find a huge diamond, I'll treat you to Chandra AND a Double Double!!!!

quilly said...

Why would anybody want to hunt for tunes? Just turn on the radio, there are plenty .....

Cooper said...

The reason a pre-nup is mandatory.

Karen said...

The Highwayman?

The bonny sweetheart "shattered her breast in the moonlight and warned him-with her death."

I should hope that typical fellow's individuality and pursuit of respectability was diminished!

TLP said...

Whazamatteru? Off seeking your fortune?

Doug said...

Well, snared, K. Good to hear from you. All well in Mumbai?

Nessa, you're the winning dreamer every time.

Heart of gold with a tin larynx, TLP?

It sounds like the perfect job, Jim. I et some critters, I'll admit.

Not me, Pia. I'm a destitution seeker. If only they made refrigerator boxes my size.

Icy, to Willie all that glitters is gravy.

JD, that's a great deal. Good hunting.

Quilly, ask your trumpet-player.

And divorce inevitable, Coop.

Tlot tlot, tlot tlot.

TLP, sorta goldbrickin', blogmama.