Monday, June 15, 2009


FIDDLE, n. An instrument to tickle human ears by friction of a horse's tail on the entrails of a cat.
To Rome said Nero: "If to smoke you turn
I shall not cease to fiddle while you burn."
To Nero Rome replied: "Pray do your worst,
'Tis my excuse that you were fiddling first."
—Orm Pludge
2009 Update: v.i. To practice fprfor accomplishment.


Nessa said...

There are about a thousand meanings for the acronym fpr. I do not understand your meaning.

While Rome outlived Nero, it's a toss up as to which is more infamous.

Mo'a said...

...all that comes to mind is what Scarlet would say... "Fiddle-dee".
My Father, the Concert Master himeself, used to fiddle while I slept.

TLP said...

Fiddle: Just messin' around.

the Foundation for Psychocultural Research fiddles around with your mind and life and stuff. That Doug. Makin' us look up stuff. Some folks say an i fpr an i, but Dougie says a p fpr an o.

Doug said...

Nessa, my meaning was "For Pete's Reward!"

Mo'a, no wonder you keep dreaming when you wake up.

Thank you, TLP. Well interpreted.

The error is corrected, thank you for your forebearance.

Anonymous said...

Usually found on the roof with the Fiddler.

weirsdo said...

"Catgut" used to be made of sheep intestines. Now it's mostly synthetic.

Anonymous said...

It's me Jamie Dawn using Courtney's laptop.

Fiddle: A great instrument played in the south, along with the banjo and washboard.

Have you ever eaten Fiddle Faddle? It's very yummy nutty carmel corn.

Tom & Icy said...

I'm just fiddle fartin' around, nothin' to say.

Karen said...

All of this practice accomplishes nothing. I'm not going to fiddle with it anymore.

Anonymous said...

may i serenade you with the
smallest fiddle
or uncle ernie
,the who,
fiddle about
as for me,got to fiddle about
in horse @#$% today
am as pleased
as being served pie and ice cream...

cooper said...

And the devil went down to Georgia, Amen.

or was it Alabama?

sauerkraut said...


Doug said...

Spectacular, Jenn.

Interesting, Weirsdo. And music?

JD, fiddle faddle can't compete with Stewart & Jasper's almond caramel popcorn, in my opinion.

Well, Icy, thanks for dropping by.

Karen, need a smaller violin?

Bear, that's a good day and I wondered if anyone would bring that song up. Certainly one of the better pedophilia songs Pete Townshend has written so far.

Depends, Coop. Was he setting up a distance learning program?

Fiddlesticks, of course, Sauerkraut. Today's post carries on that theme.