Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Fox and The Penguin, a fable for children

Once upon a time, on an island of the Tierra Del Fuego, a fox met a penguin.

"Oh, if only you could live where I live or I could live where you live," the fox exclaimed, "we could be such great friends!"

"We can! We can!" answered the penguin. "I live in the world's harshest climate. It stands to reason, I can live in any weather!"

"Any weather??"


So the fox took the penguin to a volcano and said "Jump in! The lava is hot, but you can live in any weather!"

"That's not weather," answered the penguin. "It's geology!"

So the fox took the penguin to where the humans made charcoal and opened an oven and said to the penguin "Climb in! It may be hot but you can live in any weather!"

"That's not weather," answered the penguin. "It's combustion!"

Next the fox took the penguin to the Cordillera, and hopped out onto a thin branch that crossed a windy chasm. "Follow me," yelled the fox through the wind. "It may be windy but you can live in any weather!"

"That's not weather," answered the penguin. "It's geography!"

So, at last, the happy little penguin and the glum little fox returned to the Tierra Del Fuego where a cold winter storm blew. The fox began shivering. "I'm sorry," said the penguin. "It's too cold for you. Is there any way I can help?"

So the fox took the penguin's feathers and as the penguin froze, the warm fox in her coat said "What a poor thing you are! This is not weather but fashion!"

Moral: Stick to the sciences, where a few mysteries remain.

ENCOURAGEMENT, n. Murder in a small denomination.


karma said...

foxy lady # 1: moi

Jamie Dawn said...

encouragement: lifting up, not pulling down. It can also be a push in the right direction, given with love of course.

Mo'a said...

Hmmmmm!!! a fable you say.
Penguins are very smart(at least the one I know), however, it seems a Fox can outsmart a Penguin.

TLP said...

Uh a fox and a penguin wished they could live closer to one another. Yep, I get that.

They sell all types of clothes now, ya know? You can be comfortable anywhere.

Great "fable." Very good writing, but that's always the case.

Jim said...

you're funny today
but I like/tolerate it
don't stop please don't stop

Ariel the Thief said...

Wow... Had Lewis Carroll read this silly little tale of yours, he would have burnt the manuscript of Alice's Adventures, laid down and died.

Ariel the Thief said...

I mean well!

quilly said...

en prefix to confine, restrict, or fix in place

courage n. the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

ment a noun suffix denoting an action or resulting state

encouragement the act of restricting someone in place so s/he has no choice but to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc.

Karen said...

I concur with both TLP and Mo'a.

A well-written fable and a very discouraging conclusion.

actonbell said...

Hardy har har! Happy Wednesday. Keep it up, your stories are fantastic!

cooper said...

For children you say?
It's a good thing you have dogs.

It was rather a sweet take though. ;)

And the moral is quite perfect.

Anonymous said...

would offer a comment
with hopes that it is
not perceived as
in any way
would not want to
contribute to a
short miserable

Doug said...

K, all the better to flatter you with.

Of course, J.D. Or at gunpoint with love.

Mo'a, I did say fable but, then, I'm no fox and no penguin.

TLP, do they make neon snow-shoes?

Thanks, Jim. I tolerate haiku from friends.

Ariel, foxes always mean well. Do you think I learned nothing?

Quilly, the phrases "you must pay the rent" and "I can't pay the rent" come to mind.

Thank you, Karen, nobody survives a good fable.

Thanks, A-bell. Eespecially off the wagon.

Coop, definitely for the best that dogs have me instead of kids.

Bear, I'll try to take it in the dour, forlorn spirit you intended.

Doug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minka said...

I would have come earlier, but it seems I was out of attire...them darn foxes again!!!!

encouragement,n. to not steal feathers, but send waves of lifting to cause stubbly wings to fly!!!

now excuse me, while I go and rob a seal!

actonbell said...

Yeah, I didn't think feathers grew on penguins, since they don't fly--seal blubber's better, anyway.

weirsdo said...

The penguin was too perky for its own good.

tsduff said...

Would you read that tale to your children?

Funny though.