Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Special Guest Wednesday

This week, I am honored to present two guests, Ariella and her Alpha Female, Logo.

Ariella defined:
Alpha, n. The first, and incredibly flawed, version of an item; something clearly needing to be updated or replaced.

Logo defined:
Roam, v. i. To wander aimlessly, can be done if you want to, all around the world, without wings, without wheels

About Ariella: Ariella is a young, female Portuguese Water Dog living north of Seattle. She initially listed "emotional center of my family" as her occupation but now lists "providing a reason for my people to live." Definitely a career girl. Ariella is notable among housepets because while her website is clearly a dogblog, she is so without ego that most of her posts are not about her but her family. Relatively new to blogging, she began her site in September, and is already a popular writer, photographer and commenter. Witty for a long-haired dog, her first post included this line: "Forget the call of the wild, the accomodations and catering SUCK!" Ariella must be the most responsive memee in the world and does it very well.

About Logo: Logo is the mother of two, wife of one and Alpha Female to Ariella. It is in the latter capacity that we know her and, by Alpha Female, I mean servant. What we know Logo is really limited to what Ariella cares to share. Principal among these things are the facts that she rides motorcycles, loves the beach, feeds her kids Nutella and has a realistic understanding of the relative merits of dog, family and herself. Logo and her husband have lived in Greece and in Italy. The latter time abroad was with their two children who I'm certain will nonetheless grow up to be good, proper and well-adjusted Americans who don't whistle or pinch.

It's been a real pleasure having Logo and Ariella around on the blog circuit, and I appreciate that they each took time to enrich this site today.

Happy Birthday, Masil! Yes, I'm pretty sure this time.

How to be a Wednesday Guest: Email me at dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after putting up the current week guest post I'll email you a word to define and request your definition and a graphic representing either you or your definition by the following Saturday. No profanity, please.


Chatham said...

Ah, but the Outside has grass and catnip to of which to partake!

But other than that, I agree, that the "...accomodations and catering SUCK!" outside. Nothing like a warm bed or Cat Couch to sleep on and food given without having to catch it first.

Now I think I'll roam down to the litterbox.

Sar said...

Nice job Ariella & Logo! :)

Roam: ...take it hip to hip rock it through the wilderness...

(Happy Birthday Masil! Boy time flies.)

TLP said...

Happy B-day Masil.

Doug, you made Ariella and Logo sound so interesting I went to her site before I came back to comment.

Good boy. You gonna tell us all about your adventures in election land?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ariella and Logo

Did Doug roam you up to his site so that you wouldn't have to pay the roaming charges?

Think Doug has roamed much in the last several weeks doing more than his share of civic duties.

Unknown said...

had a look at Ariella's site. damn, dogs seem to have all the fun.

Happy Birthday Lisa! we have been waiting for this, as you know. go on, have one of my chocolates.

Doug, fetch :P

Doug The Una said...

Hi, Chatcat. This why they're called creature comforts.

Hi, Sar. Thanks.

Sure, TLP, but "adventure's" a pretty strong word. Turnout was about 25%. The turnout was about evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. My precinct is about 75% Republican, so I had a feeling the results yesterday would please Dems. Someone got ANGRY about our not needing to see her ID (someone always does. ) Several people got angry because their names weren't on the rolls and they had to vote provisionally (several people always do.) One terrible mistake was made with a ballot that may have allowed someone who shouldn't have voted to vote and most people were friendly and thankful.

Pia, no-one ever died of exhaustion from being a precinct officer. Thanks.

Karma, Woof!

Tom & Icy said...

We love Ariella!!!!! Woof! *wag*

Minka said...

alpha: also known as a protoype. Something one can start with but needs to be improved.
Liek the Adam/Eve thing. he came first, God know he could do better and daraa Eve appeared. If you have religion you have the answer to everything.
Happy birthday Masil. Loved Arella´s and Logo´s site. People and their endless story!

Rio said...

down to roam as long as theres a love shack involved in my own private idaho.

Doug The Una said...

Icy, and well you should. You two would make excellent criminal partners.

Good point, Monika. Maybe a Priest can fix your blog.

Rio, I don't doubt for a second that there will be.

LeMas. said...

Heh, today really is my birthday, though we aren't referring to this day as birthdays's now just the day of Lisa.
Alpha-the one who gets to eat the piece of cake with the biggest rose.

Fred said...

Happy Birthday, Masil!

I whistle and pinch. I guess I need to move to Canada.

Nice guest post - I visit Ariella's site. Nice to see her here, too.

Jamie Dawn said...

I especially like Ariella's definition. Smart dog!

Lila said...

Another great guest and definition! Thanks for bringing us another good one, Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Masil, that better be you. What flavor cake should I virtually make you?

Fred, they're more polite up there. Maybe stay in Vegas next time.

Jamie Dawn, thanks. I agree.

Actonbell, you expect directions for free?

You're welcome, Aral. Are you blogging again?

Cooper said...

Nice Ariella and Logo.

Alpha in Kansas would be Adam I presume.

Roam - to go take off to the grocery store only to end up at the book store.

happy Birthday - I think for the third - time to Masil

S A J Shirazi said...

Wedone Ariella and Logo. And happy birthday to Masil Q. Thanks for discovering and bringing up this stream of amazing folks.

Doug The Una said...

Alice, I only got it wrong once. Then I asked directions.

Thanks, Shirazi. You're one of them.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Ariella. You're not saying you'd replace Logo? I bet she's secretly your alpha and omega, but you would never admit it.
Logo: Italy and Greece, cool! Dr. Weirsdo and I honeymooned in Italy.

Doug The Una said...

OK, Weirsdo, but have you guys ever been to Lone Tree, Iowa? I thought not. Most romantic place in the world.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of my student who said he could have offered us use of a cabin in the North GA mountains, complete with pickup truck and deer huntin' rifle, for a lot less money.
He was also the one who wanted to know if Keats was tryin' to git INto the urn.

Doug The Una said...

Among the happy, happy boughs? The leaves in Helen turn and fall.

Kyahgirl said...

So nice to see Ariella and her AF from another perspective.
Nice blog Doug :-)

Doug The Una said...

Thanks for dropping by, kyahgirl. I'll look for you on Ariella's site.