Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Special Guest Wednesday

This week, I'm proud to introduce Star Firstbaseman who was asked to define Dance Card.

DANCE CARD, n. 1. Mine is full. Thanks, though.
2. A booklet in which a lady inscribes the partners with whom she will dance each successive dance with at a formal ball.
3. Booklet with a decorative cover and cord, to be attached at the wrist.
4. Colloquism for "Plan so spend some time with [requestor].

About Star Firstbaseman: Welcome to Star Firstbaseman, the new kid. Her site, Somebody Take Me Home dates all the way back to March, 2006. The first thing you'll notice about Star is she's really, really funny. Actually, based on her self-description, my previous comment probably only applies to meeting her on-line but I still give the Waking Ambrose seal of really funny. Since starting her site a month ago tomorrow, she's written a lot that's funny and a little that's sad and nothing dull. For anyone who watched daytime television before blogging, I think her dating life and the saga of K will be a fine substitute.

Star Firstbaseman comes to us through Kyahgirl, friend of many. She's in her mid-twenties, does government work by day and plays kickball to be productive. She lives where she lives to accomodate her dog, bless her. On her site you'll read about clothes, wholesome habits, other habits, her crazy housemate, a nutty hallmate, family and friends. I look forward to seeing how the new blog develops. Thanks to Star Firstbaseman and thanks for a fine guest appearance.

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.


TLP said...

Nice to meet you Star. Good job on the definition. Doug's write up makes me want to get over to your site and check you out.

Miz BoheMia said...

Great job Star and happy to meet you! Yep, agree with TLP... fab write-up Doug... this bohemian is itching to hop on over and have a read! Ooooweee and off I go!

Sar said...

Nice to meet you Star (gee that name has a nice ring to it). And any friend of Kyhagirl's has to be really, really funny and, of course, a welcome addition to the mix.

Dance Card: In blogsphere, see Blogroll.

(Doug - sorry about the, er, sizeable spam you had to follow on my site, but it's your winning caption's fault I'm afraid. I guess I might have to start using the verifier thingy...grrr.)

Doug The Una said...

Well, don't just stand around here, TLP. Go say hello. That TLP!

You too, Actonbell! Chop! Chop! Lollygagging Pezes, anyhow!

That's the spirit, Miz B!

Sar, I thought of the name thing, too. Not to fear about the spam. No way I could say anything funnier. It's kind of liberating, actually.

The amoeba said...

Good work Star. But perhaps you can advise me about ...

DANCE CARD, n. (comp.) One who thinks that, after an evening of tripping your toes, he's entitled to a night of tickling your fancy.

Minka said...

welcome Star and what a wonderful first appearace.
My dance card is full as well:

1) Mr.Darcy
2) Mr.Darcy
3) Mr.Darcy

and so on!
but I will take an elegant spin over to your side this movement :)

Doug The Una said...

O Ceallaigh, I think that's Lecherous Older Gentleman, n.

Minka, dependable as the sunrise. I don't think I get the Mr. Darcy reference. Glad it isn't Thursday.

The pleasure is mine, Star Firstbaseman, thank you. Drop back by. Lot's of sunshine yet to come.

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Star! You really are a Star. I enjoy reading about your life and loves and dogs.

Happy to see you here with the fabulous Waking Ambrose crowd.

(Hi Doug :-) *waves*)

Logophile said...

Star, welcome to you and your dobermans! I love it, I should have known, anyone Kyahgirl approves has to be pretty great.
Doug even has an acronym for that.
Good definition too.
Dance card~ One of the myriad pieces of paper created especially to be mislaid.

Ariel the Thief said...

well, Monika, there's only the name of Mr. Darcy in MY dance card, too, so I guess one of us is having a token here...

hi, Star Firstbasemen! I wish I could dance. it's fun either way, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

My dance card could use some empty spaces--see Sar's definition

Anonymous said...

Ooh a new blog to read (rubs hands).

I've lost my dance card. Sigh. Shoot.

The Village Idiot said...

I can't dance

I can't talk

the only thing about me is my golden silky smooth hair..

wait, I don't even have that anymore

Now where did I put that dance card?

dddragon said...

I don't dance for fear that Nod will get up and dance, too.

The world doesn't deserve that sight.

I read several of S.B.'s posts - fun!

Doug The Una said...

Hey, Kyah. Thanks for feeding her to us.

Logo, I wondered what happened to those after I've signed them.

Ariel, someone's going to explain Mr. Darcy to me, right?

Pia, you do have a really long dance card under Sar's definition.

Jenna, Michael probably has it. Maybe ask him.

Village Idiot, it's with your comb, probably.

Haha, Dddragon.

Yeah, Cowgirl, you aren't the new kid and yeah, you help it along, God bless you.

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, one of the main characters of Jane Austin's (1775-1817) novel, Pride And Prejudice. some forgettable movies were made based on the novel, but the novel itself is very good and I love it. of course I love Mr. Darcy, too. I am not sure with whom exactly Monika is going to dance... :-P

Ariel the Thief said...

Miss Austin was never the centre of a company, you know. she was sitting on some sofa or whatever lonely and looking around while others was having good time. I am told they didn't really like her. then she wrote novels of them, and even though they still didn't realy like her, now they were afraid of her, too.

Ariel the Thief said...

yep, there's a difference between Austen and Austin Martin, sorry...

The Village Idiot said...

Doug -- They gave my comb to the peach, because he has hair..maybe he has the card too

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Ariel. That's informative and I kind of get the joke now. I guess the pen is mightier than the sword but not snobbery. The last car my father owned before becoming a father was an Austin Healy. He's never forgiven me.

I hear you, V.I. They take our hair, they take our women, the color from our youthful cheeks- they leave us nothing but self-deprecation. Ain't it a peach? Indeed, sir!

Alana said...

When having words such as “Dancecard” defined FOR YOU on your site, it is important that you are familiar with classic fictional characters such as Mr. Darcy, so for further reference:

Mr. Darcy is a proud but handsome wealthy man who awkwardly and unwillingly falls for the quick-witted, fiercely loyal and independent Elizabeth Bennet who is a part of the middle class (gasp) and has become quite prejudiced against Mr. Darcy because his aforementioned pride.

Of course, I tend to think some Mr. Darcy love may have something to do with the fact that Colin Firth plays him in the BBC miniseries as well as Bridget Jones Diary, which was inspired by the Jane Austen Classic.

Oh, and welcome Star Firstbaseman! Nice to meetchya!

Jamie Dawn said...

Hello, Star!
My dance card is full too. Today is a busy one. I just had to stop in and see who Doug's special guest was for the day. Did Doug send you the chocolates and a check for $50 like he does all his special guests?

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet your new friend.

You gather them into your web of word earlier and ealier these days. Before the blogging toes are wet. That's the way to do it I think. :)

I'll be sure to check out her site.

Dance Card.... drawing a blank here.

Lila said...

Hello, star firstbaseman! Good job, and welcome!

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, it's hysterical, right?

Squaregirl, I think that might have been righteous by social services standards. Good show.

Jamie Dawn, I stopped that when you tried to exchange the chocolates for a family of chipmunks.

Cooper, you gotta catch 'em early before they start abbreviating everything. Another three or so weeks and her definition will be "IMHO How u no ur 2 hot :P lol "

And howdy to you, AP3.

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug? will you tell the story of the falling of the Austin Healy?

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, it wasn't that it failed it's that it was the last car dad could buy because he liked it as opposed to because it was inexpensive, got good mileage and had a back seat well-designed for the safe binding and gagging of children.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm still waiting for those chipmunks... my turtles are hungry!!!!!!