Friday, November 24, 2006


FOOTPRINTS, n. A pedestrians impressions of the country. A thief's assertion that he has gone over the ground is not open to conviction.

2006 Update: The evidence of the presence of the absent.


Anonymous said...

Someone's footprints are missing!!!

Minka said...

footprints: a trace of strength

Anonymous said...

Nothing says I was here better than a set of footprints... expect credit card receipts. How many aunts do I have to buy for?



The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Footprince: its like finger painting but you do it with your feet

Anonymous said...

The frothing surf hissed against the rocky shoreline. The white foam glimmered faintly as the new moon slipped in and out from hiding amongst the torn clouds. On the surface of the choppy water there could be heard the grunting and straining of beasts. Shall we join our heros?

"Who's stupid idea was this",grunted the bunny pulling a muffled oar.
"Shut up and row, you mangy cottontail" retorted the Boss.
"Fine! But I still say that it's not worth it."
"Do you have any idea how much a troglodyte sells for on E-bay?" explained the Boss.
"Look. You just want to avoid paying the tariff ." said the Bunny. "I heard that customs has a new team patrolling the shoreline here."
"Who cares! Now put us ashore."

The boat tossed and heaved over the shorebreak and was flung onto the beach. The Boss and the Bunny hopped out and headed inland leaving a trail of wet footprints behind. Their inattention to detail would prove costly, as the rookie and his partner the Dawg would take advantage of their forgetfulness to collar our heros.

So today's word is Stubborn : When sneaking out for the latest bauble, remember where you left the rowboat.

The amoeba said...

the evidence of the presence of the absent

funny, I thought that was TIRE TRACKS. See ONLINE SHOPPING. Especially on Black Friday. Oh what a relief it is ...

nyuk nyuk

today in eastern Massachusetts, you don't leave footprints, you leave squish marks.

"Listen to this, you'll save water. You make it rain for forty days and forty nights, and wait for the sewers to back up."

"RIGHT". - Cosby

Anonymous said...

Footprints: impressive evidence.

Anonymous said...

Footprints: When found in your peanut butter, these are considered conclusive evidence of past travels by an elephant through your refrigerator.

Anonymous said...

You and your teenage buddies love pot.

Your parents’ friends vacation away from home for a month.

You break into their house one night and turn the lights on so you can see what you are stealing.

You panic when you hear the police sirens.

You run home.

You cry when the police track you down by your footprints in the snow.

Anonymous said...


It's like squeezing blood from a stone... those high heels that are the wrong size, but oh so fashionable.



Doug The Una said...

Brian, I think you were standing on them.

Minka, that's a pretty definition. I never could do gentle irony.

Dewy, it's your uncles I'm worried about.

What are you favorite colors of footpaint, SACADA boy?

Brian, that's good advice. Sucks to be lost at sea without a boat, huh?

O Ceallaigh, I remember that routine. "Right. What's an ark?"

Punnybrose, you leave footprints everywhere.

Al, that's funny.

Goldennib, that's why two pieces of advice my father gave me stand out: Crime is a summertime activity and never mix controlled substances with breaking and entering.

Dewy, you should have a pedicure, I think or are the feet Brian's?

Kyahgirl said...

considering the tons of snow we're getting, footprints are everywhere!

oh, and there is the footprint of an absent 'e' somewhere in your definition buddy.

Mutha said...

goldennib: I can't top that story.

But here's another one.

Recently, a friend and I were looking at an illustration of children in a snowy landscape. A person who seemed to be positioned by this painting in the gallery solely to tell this story said: Can you tell the mistake in the picture?
We looked. We could not. It seemed like a rude thing to ask in the first place.
The man smiled and said: There aren't any footprints in the snow behind the children.
To which my friend (not miising a beat) said: Is that because Jesus is carrying them?

Spooking the rude -- it can be really fun.

Anonymous said...

The size 6.5 mark on asses when I kick them! K-pow!

Miz BoheMia said...

Footprints... a bohemian's hope of their relationship & presence with & in Spain...


Anonymous said...


The feet are Brian's. *sighs* But maybe I will take a cue from Jenna. ;)



Anonymous said...

Footprints: Often the first recorded identifier of the newborn; a tool for embarrassment for years thereafter (often accompanied by small bronzed shoes).

The Mushroom said...

Footprints: the average person's temporary and transient mark upon the world. Also, a metaphor for the use of prophylactics:

Son, a one-night-stand should be like a hiking trip: take only pictures, leave only footprints, and don't forget the bug spray. -- R.A.T.

Anonymous said...

footprints: the left behind pieces of one's sole.

Anonymous said...

Puppy! And you say Hasselhoff is bad??

Footprints: Sole food.

Charlene Amsden said...

I left footprints many places before I stumbled here today.

Charlene Amsden said...

footprints aka comments in Blogland

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Kyah. And for not mentioning the drool.

Mutha, that's funny. Technically there is supposed to be one set of footprints where Jesus carries them, though.

Jenna, I bet the last guy to get the size 6.5 footprint on his backside asked if your shoes were size 7.

Miz B, the day is coming soon. Let me know if you need a ride from the airport.

Dewy, don't be dominated. You aren't that kind of gal.

Joel, police records are cute too.

Mushroom, prophylactics is how we keep it temporary and transient.

Puppybrose, it's the one part we know gets reincarnated.

Brian, my mama told me never step in okra and chitlin's and you know something? She was right.

Quill, then praise for those blessed before me. By the way, I hope you noticed my new profile.

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug -- that is too funny. You know, even a few of my relatives would be happy to put out not related to Quilldancer signs.

Mutha said...

Doug, don't be a buzz-kill. Isn't it spookier if Jesus has no footprints? I mean -- at least a 7 on the spook-a-meter.

Charlene Amsden said...

Mutha -- Jesus isn't Spooky. That would be the Holy Spirit. And I don't believe it would leave footprints -- though possibly singe marks ....

Charlene Amsden said...

Darn, somebody get OC a drink of water. He just fainted.

TLP said...

Doug, your update is perfect.

As for me, I will not tolerate them in the house. That's one reason that I am Queen of mĭs-ăn'thrə-pē. Men have big feet.

Anonymous said...

Mutha, I was always confused about the footprints. I didn't think Jesus would leave them. Not until later anyway.

Anonymous said...

or the presence of the evidence that someone was absent. Or something.

Say Goodnight Dick.

Alana said...

memories erased by the rising (or is it falling?) tide.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight Dick.

what can i say? i just wanted to prove i was here, there, and/or *somewhere* today...

Sar said...

Footprints: In the sand, not stiletto-friendly.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Footprints: what the dogs always leave on the floor when they are lucky enough to romp in the mud.

The Mushroom said...

To answer the Footprints of Jesus question: consider the framed prose people have on their walls, that poem called "Footprints", where the man has a dream he's walking with the Lord on the beach and in looking back at times the man sees only one set of footprints. The man asks whether he'd been abandoned, and Jesus says that this is where He carried the man. So with that in mind, Jesus WOULD leave footprints in the snow whether he were carrying the children or not.

But did Jesus leave footprints when he walked on water? Snow is, afterall, frozen water. The KIDS would have left footprints, probably all over the place since kids run around in snow.

*waving to Tommy*

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, they can borrow mine.

Mutha, one woman's spooky is another's inspiration. Now the handprints might be spooky.

Quill, make sure its isotonic.

Only the best of us, TLP.

Goldennib, are we talking water or sand?

Goodnight, G.

Squaregirl, it depends on which boat you're in.

Puppybrose, you needn't worry about leaving a trail. Hey, I found a breadcrumb!

Sar, they need to make sandals for stilettos.

Cheesemeister, you're right. Evidence of a happy dog.

Mushroom. Resolved.